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I was looking for a lamp that would light up the general area of our campsite to help with cooking, going to the car, etc. and our headlamps just weren't enough. I originally spotted this product at REI and loved the dual sided lighting plus phone charging ability. It's a little expensive but for what you get, it was worth it to me. This lamp gets very BRIGHT especially with both sides lit. It's great for taking to the bathroom at night and has a wide illumination area.It seems to do very well on battery levels and emergency phone charging is very helpful. It does take awhile to charge up (6+ hours from empty), I recommend doing it as soon as you notice it dropping too low. Haven't had to hand crank much yet but nice feature to have in case you are away from outlets. Lighthouse is a bit bulky and I wouldn't bring this backpacking unless you're okay with its size and weight. Overall a fantastic general camping lantern!
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We lost electricity for three weeks during the recent brush fires in Malibu (CA). We were loaned one of these lanterns (and later bought one for ourselves). Living by candle light at night (with no TV) for weeks is challenging. This lantern was a blessing. Truly room filling light, set to directional setting to save power and emit light in one direction only, or "dial" in the amount of light you need. Integrated design for legs, easy to pop down to use and up to store. Same for the hanger.Most valued features: 1)Built-in USB charger cable, easy to plug-in (at the library) to recharge. 2) In a pinch, you can use the hand crank to charge (1 min. gets you about 10 min of light). 3) Has a USB port so you can charge your cell phone (I didn't try to charge my laptop).Dropped a few times, no problems. Well build. Superior engineering and ergonomic design. Highly recommend.
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The light output is great and the variable adjustability is a great feature. The adjustment knob however is small , stiff and slick. It is hard to turn. I suggest a raised vertical plastic ridge to grab with your fingers. I feel the wire stands are kinda wimpy and do not lock into position. Perhaps this is by design but they seem pretty flimsy. The hand crank generator feature is a big plus and so far has held up to vigorous cranking. The unit itself is smaller than I pictured it to be,I imagine that is a plus being very portable and almost small enough to back pack with. Wish the battery had a bigger capacity or if they had several of models with increased capacity I would buy a bigger model. In the final summation it’s a good emergency and camping light.
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I received one of these as a present a year ago. As a camper I have an assortment of gas lanterns and battery operated lights and this seemed like a nice addition. However, this guy/gal also has a crank so you can recharge it, it has a battery so you can charge your cell phone, it is very bright (if you like). I suppose the best recommendation I could give is that I bought one of these for my wife and each of my children. If you live in an area where your electrical power might be compromised (e.g.in a National Forest or down town New York). You can, literally, crank this baby up to charge your cell phone, provide light to read a book, and well, whatever. I think the current price is probably more than mine cost a year ago, but I think it is worth it.
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We, in Puerto Rico, just experience two hurricanes. This was the primary light source at night. I charged it up at the office and used it in the evenings. The light can be adjusted easily. It could be REALLY bright or just bright enough. I lit up the balcony, living room, kitchen, and corridor at the same time and my condominium is huge. I love this lantern and would HIGHLY recommend it. Many people in my office used this lantern during our black out period. There are still others without light her in Puerto Rico in my office.Now that I have light, I will allow them to use it until power and water return to their neighborhood.
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Bought this item for my son who was camping out west........HE LOVED IT!! He showed it to me over the weekend.......it's small but it's powerful, really got the job done. He told me for the most part, he only needed to use one side of it as it was enough light for what he needed. In the middle of the night if he had to make a bathroom run, he'd turn this baby on to light up his tent and then used his head lamp to get to his 'destination' and back. He's happy, i'm happy!


I really like (almost) all Goal Zero products. A friend of mine had two of these in her off grid cabin. It is so well designed, and takes up little room,. The light is dimmable, and the batter seems to last a long time. After the fires in Northern California I keep a box of supplies in my trunk in case of evacuation and I have two of these. They came in handy recently during power outages too. It provided light, and charged up my iphone.


Got one at first to use with Nomad 20 Panels and Yeti 150 portable battery pack. Dual light option is really good. Great light and saves battery. Hand crank to recharge works well. Got tired cranking after used when power went off so recharged quickly with Yeti. Can charge other devices with usb outlet. We liked this one so much I ordered a second next day. Almost looking forward to the next power outage.....almost.


Works great and gives you lots of light to work with. We use this camping and for emergencies and it will light up the room for you with no issues. The charging cord could be a bit longer but it isn't really a problem. The crank handle works for well when you are running low on power.Only improvement I would like to see is a larger battery so that it could last longer than 2 days on low light.


Is a great light, with lots of battery life, it will last all night on low mode, at night in the woods low mode is more than enough. The goal zero lighthouse, has two sides, you can turn one or both. My lamp one of the sides turns on dimmer than the other, I believe is a manufacturing problem specifically on my lamp. thats the reason for my four stars. Otherwise I would definitely rate 5 stars
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