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My husband and I love this light, we use it in our converted camper van as a main light source and run it off of our Goal Zero Yeti 400, which we already owned well before purchasing this. It puts out a really impressive amount of light for only drawing 2 watts on low and 5 watts on high, the lantern shade is effective at keeping the light out of your eyes, and its magnetic carabiner hanger is very useful in a metal van.We were 100% loving everything about this lamp...until today when we purchased a Light-a-life Mini, expecting to be able to chain them together. Both of these products emphasize their ability to chain up to other Light-a-lifes,but they never say that the full size 350 Lights will only connect and chain using Goal Zero's proprietary 6mm "Anderson" cord, while the Mini Lights only chain and connect using their USB cords.The Goal Zero website sells SO many cords and adapters, pretty much everything except the 6mm to USB adapter you need to connect the two Light-a-lifes!Goal Zero only refers to their proprietary jack as the Anderson, so it's incredibly hard to search Google, Amazon, reviews, and forums for a cord or adapter to connect the two. We were on the verge of either trying our hand at splicing a cord together or just giving up and returning our Mini Light-a-life when I FINALLY found this:https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01K5T03LG/ref=ya_aw_od_pi?ie=UTF8&psc=1Which lead to this:[...]It took me hours to find this little piece of plastic online, and as of right now Amazon says there are only 8 left in stock. This is an adapter made by Goal Zero which they appear to no longer carry, as it is nowhere to be found on their website- not out of stock, it just isn't sold by them anymore.In our opinion, Goal Zero should either make it clear that each size of Light-a-life is only chainable to like sizes, or continue to manufacture and sell this adapter.We hope this helps anyone else who may be in a similar predicament to us.
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Works well. As others note it's pretty bright, almost too bright for use inside tents and small campers, even on low, wish there was an even mellower setting that could be selected (not a HUGE difference between high and low, I'd call them high and 80% of high...). Of the 2 I ordered originally, both worked initially but after just one camping trip (where it wasn't even used!) one of them stopped working entirely (and replaced via Amazon). Not sure what the deal was, didn't seem to be cord related or anything I could blame it on, so, I'm a little concerned about their longevity... For ones actually IN use, given that the use of the cleverly designed carabiner requires often running it from one end of the cord and back and bend/forcing it into a clip,I'm also a little concerned with how that stress on the cable is going to wear on the light in the long term, but having said that it does seem to be a very solid cable so hopefully engineered sufficiently to not really end up being a problem...
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Fantastic light. I've had a Yeti 150 for a few years and opted for wireless lights in the past that I've charged from the Yeti. Just hook it up to the Goal Zero 12v 6mm and get really bright adjustable light without worrying about recharging or replacing batteries. Lasts far longer than I'd use in one trip with the Yeti 150. Really pleased with this light now I own one!! I shall chain more in the future. Also I use in my garage and around the house when needed. There is an expensive adapter to enable use with USB power banks, but I went the cheaper route as couldn't find this cable available in the UK. The light comes with a 6mm to cigarette adapter so I purchased a cheap cigarette to usb adapter.I can use a small power bank when needed now (note with use of usb 2 lights can be chained before brightness is lost through lack of input. 8 lights can be chained when plugged to the Yeti 12v source). Very pleased overall.
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I haven't had a chance to use it much other than to test it out, but it works great. The two light-level switch is nice as well as the magnets in the top and clip. In a metal-ceilinged room, those will be very useful.Some small nit-picks for Goal Zero to consider:1. Possibly make an accessory that will allow the light to be placed "upside-down" on a surface while chaining. If there is nothing around to hang the light from, having it set up like a series of "spot-lights" on the ground or some other surface could be useful.2. The cable length compared to the old light-a-lifes is a little bit shorter. Perhaps this is due to the cost and possible change of materials in the cable so it can be wrapped around the new light-a-life,but I'm not sure. Perhaps offer an accessory that would allow the cable length to be extended similarly to the 30-foot extension cable for the charging port.
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These are great little LED lights. I have a Goal Zero Sherpa power pack and one of the original LED lights. At first I was concerned because the new lights are about 1/2 the size of the old design. Don't let that fool you. The new design has a removable shade which can positioned to make the light a spot or a flood. Like the old design, you can daisy chain the lights together to illuminate a larger area. One will light up about a 6 ft area. When our power went out recently, I only used one and hung it on a table lamp. This was enough to light up the seating area around two love seats. The light also comes with a 12VDC adapter so you can plug it into your vehicles 12VDC receptacle.Great addition to your vehicle's emergency kit.
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These are my favorite Goal Zero product! They are surprisingly versatile, and I ended up purchasing 16 of them - the maximum number I can run from a Yeti solar generator. They worked great in a car with inadequate interior lighting, in a trailer before more permanent lighting was installed, in the forest at a base camp, and even when backpacking as tent lanterns using a smaller power source. You really can't go wrong with these - the two light output settings are perfect levels, the switch is easy enough for my 2-year-old to operate on his own, and when chained together the plugs require so much pressure to get plugged in that you don't have to worry about them ever accidentally pulling out.Good job with this one, Goal Zero!
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I love this lantern. I have a half dozen of the earlier model, but love this one even more. It's a VERY clever and versatile design. I really like the feature allowing you to set one of two brightness levels. We lost our front porch light due to a malfunction just before Hallowee. I rigged this up in it's place so kids would know we were home and welcoming them. The whole step and front yard area were illuminated and we had no stumbles, no falls, and no complaints.Buy one of more of these lights, if you have a Goal Zero or other 12V power source. It comes with a pigtail adapter to plug into a standard 12V cigarette lighter type socket, so you don't HAVE TO have a Goal Zero,but I recommend the battery packs too!
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Really nice light. I own multiple Goal Zero products and this one does not disappoint. I own the original version of the light a life and this is a huge improvement. The high/low brightness setting is great. I really like the integrated cord storage and the ease in changing it from lantern mode to area light. Its nice that the chaining port is covered too. The only thing I found a little cheaper feeling from the original is the carabiner. It does not feel as well made as the rest of the light, and certainly lower quality from the original. I'm being a little nit picky here I know, but that is the only con in my opinion, and certainly wouldn't stop me from buying it.


Goal Zero devices are some of the best in their category. In camping or adventure travel, they are well-built and sturdy. I really like the substantial cord size. Don't confuse that with bulkiness or oversized components. Other products like the BioLite NanoGrid SiteLights are a great idea, but the wires are so thin and flimsy. The GZ Light-a-Life 350 is totally the opposite. It's a fantastic idea that is superbly designed while still compact. Its size and brightness are fantastic. It's one of my favorite camp/adventure travel lights.


These provide quite a good light. I have two of them chained together and plugged into a Yeti power pack. They get used inside my RV, in my garage, and strung up above the picnic table on camping trips. If I'm ever stuck without power and need light, these are the first thing I get out. Super easy to adjust cable length, spot or flood light depending on which direction you attach the shade, and the magnets in the top and on the clip are incredibly handy for hanging these up in the picnic table enclosures when out camping.


Buying a second one now to daisy chain two together. The first one performed great on a 10 truck camping outing where I plugged this into my deep cycle aux battery outlet for nighttime reading. I needed to further the reach so I added a 12 ft DC - DC cigar type lighter extension cord that this unit plugs into, to help reach around the campsite. Really liked the cord management system and how the unit hangs vertically. Small compact and easy to use as unit throws off a lot of light - enough to read buy.


Besides testing it out of the box, I’ve not used it for prolonged period. Light quality at high (with 2) is adequate for reading (even with my old eyes). Low level makes a perfect night light. I like the durability of the plug. The downside is the proprietary plug design but I won’t have to worry about cable/plug breaking in pin or usb connectors. That being said, would like to find adapter so light could be used with smaller USB battery chargers when needed.


Purchased this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. He love Goal Zero products. He has the generator, the 4 mini lights, the lantern, the flashlights and I'm sure more but that's all I can think of. Haha the light is super bright and we were playing around with it one night and turned off all the lights in the house and just used this little guy and WOW it's bright and useful! I'm sure this is not the last purchase I will be making for goal zero products!


This light can be chained to many others once the first is plugged into a power source. You can direct the light mostly down or reconfigure the lens in 30 seconds to provide area lighting. Expect to receive a very high quality item. You get what you pay for, and these are the best out there. I purchased 4 of them and chained them together. Then I bought one of their Yeti power supplies. AWESOME COMBINATION!


A bright and very versatile light. The led bulb can be set to 1-watt or 4-watts, and the light output is very bright considering the wattage used. Also, the 2800 kelvin warm white output is very pleasant to look at. The fixture can be configured as a lantern or spot/flood light. The ability to string several lights together along with the included 8-feet cord, makes this light very useful and versatile!
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