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I just recently bought my third container of this stuff. I have tried the fruit punch flavor, raspberry lemonade, and pink lemonade. All of those flavors are good. Not much more to add that already hasn't been covered in other reviews. It help my arms look shredded at the gym because of the extra vein pump when I am using this. It gives you an energy boost and helps keep you focused. Unfortunately at first it does have some of the super dump :) properties that are explained in other reviews.Now that I have been using it for a while it is not an issue.
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I tried SuperPump Max for the first time this morning and it was great. It tastes great, it doesn't give you a headache like some of the other pre-workout drinks do. I was using DI-Nox which also is great although the flavor isn't nearly as good as this stuff is. I'm excited I've found something else that I can use to push myself harder. I do P90X, Turbo Fire and Brazilian Butt Lift. I work out 2 to 3 times daily and need something to give me that extra push. This is working for me!


I've tried Jack3d, Neurocore and C4 in terms of pre workout supplements. This is by far the best stuff I've had. I'm not sensitive to caffeine so none of the super concentrated supplements do anything for me. Superpump is just nuts in terms of what it does for my workouts. I only need 2 scoops to really get going. I've had the blue raspberry, fruit punch and the pink lemonade. Blue raspberry isn't that good. But the other two, especially the pink lemonade are phenomenal.


Just cycled off of Mesomorph. This stuff blows you upppp! Felt like my biceps were going to explode with this. The flavor is interesting...it has absolutely ZERO scent, which was weird...but didn't taste TOO too bad. Would still recommend getting a fruity flavor like watermelon. It's hard to beat 40 servings for $30!!! I would highly recommend this, you'll notice the effectiveness instantly!!


Excellent product but be careful as I took this with a multi-B and felt like I was ready for anything. I think between the B's in the mix and the ones I take it felt like a major rush. Either way my workouts went very well which is all that matters in the end. Excellent stuff and a lot of ingredients for the money.


This stuff is like the 28 Days Later "Rage Virus", methamphetamine, and that stuff that gives Superman his powers, all rolled up into one tasty package. I drink 1.5 scoops before BJJ and I roll like a god. The fruit punch flavor is great, but Pink Lemonade is where its at.


This is a 5 star product!, you just can't go wrong with Gaspari, SuperPump Max gives you strength, energy, Focus, Sly Stallone Veins Mode On!, Of course you really need to hit hard the gym, and eat the right foods, but i can tell you this, SuperPump Max Works!!!.


Excellent for a pre workout boost, especially if you're lacking the motivation to go to the gym. I definitely feel like I receive an extra boost during the workout.Taste is good in comparison to other products.Beware of the effect on your toilet habits!


This is the first pre-workout supplement I have tried so I have nothing to compare it to but it certainly has helped in my workouts over the last month. I would recommend it. Gives you good energy and pump without feeling gittery or crashing afterwards.


Not gonna attribute all of my success to the product but it does taste good and I went from a 290lb bench to 325 max after a months steady usage. I was doing alot of other things too but this was part of it.
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