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First off lets lay our cards on the table by saying this isn't a miracle drink; its rather pricey and houses a few types of creatine. So for those who have a hard time digesting monohydrate or simply stay away from creatine, you might want to look elsewhere.That being said, the product does deliver results, even on the first day of use. I was able to work out longer, with more weight, and had a decreased recovery time. And over time the benefits increase. I have only had the orange cooler, but the taste for that particular flavor is better than i had expected. Mixed properly with cold water i didn't mind sipping on it during my workouts, and came to like it.The biggest reason i chose this drink was the lack of high levels of caffeine that so many nitrogen drinks use. Caffeine does bad things to me so this route worked out well.As far as how long it lasts, well i never used more than a half scoop and it lasted a solid two months of working out five days a week. And to put it simply at the end of the two months i have never looked better. I know that's a hard core cliche, but in this case it really should matter as being a gym rat for the past four or five years it is nice to see the hard work pay off. And the best part is the only other supplement i used was a high quality whey protein, so no stacking of expensive supplements required.
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ATTENSION!! I am giving it 5starz because I am a responder to it. Some people may NOT be. You need to try a cheaper creatine first to see if you respond. And don't forget, like all things, you will get used to it and it will stop working so you must cycle off! Some people may find this to be an appetite suppressant which is worth noting. This stuff can be VERY pricey depending on the blend and where you find it! Anywhere from $50 to near $500. Its crazy. But for me, it works very well! I can only use it for 3weeks or so before it stalls, and I need a good pre-workout to help me cycle off from it in order to not lose my strength gains. I usually notice 5-25lbs strength gains depending on the exercise.I also gain about 10lbs or water weight and 3ish lbs of muscle in the 3to4 weeks I include the product into a lean bulk. I am 6'1" 260ish, so your numbers may very. For me, it is good. Others may hate it and regret spending the cash. It is VERY high quality for what it is! Good luck!
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best creatine on the freaking market they need to keep these on the shelf and keep them in production I get good gains when im on this stuff. you don't have to take it during your workout. I will sip on it about a half our before hitting the weights with my pre workout. then I hit the gym and get some good and insane pumps while I continue to sip on it. I'm an all naturally competitive bodybuilder and I spend about 2-3 hours in the gym 5-6 days a week and this has been one of those supplements that has taken me further than any other supplement ever has. ive tried many many many creatines and this is the best.


Orange cooler is my favorite flavor (didn't care for the berry flavor). At the end of my workout i felt like i could keep going. i was able to lift more weight on almost every exercise after a month of using size on. it broke my plateau for bench and it increased by 20 lbs. after 3 weeks. have taken it several times and it gives the same results each time ( i usually wait atleast 4 weeks between each cycle) Hint: you will get more results out of it the longer you wait between each cycle. i would recommend this to anyone.


I take one scoop with about a 600ml of water (mixes in really well) and drink throughout workout. Energy and strength level definetly boosted during workout. Feel it has contributed to a good show of recent gains.On the downside it (Orange flavour) leaves a really strong smell in flask which lingers even after a considerable amount of washing. Loaded with sugar too. Feels like you're drinking poison...pretty decent tasting poison.


Believe me this is a great product it really works. I have been taking Myofusion whey protein post workout, Superpump 250 pre workout and Sizeon while working out FOR THE LAST THREE WEEKS BELIVE ME GUYS THIS STUFF WORKS! I'm not marketung this product or trying to sell you on it each is there own but I believe with a consistant hardcore 5 day a week workout over 3 weeks along with these products you will see results.


So far so good. My recovery time is short when I'm taking this. I feel refreshed the following day and feel like an unstoppable beast lifting weights. I'll take a progress before/after photo once I'm done with the first batch. I definitely suggest this to anyone looking to put some maass.P.s. don't forget to eat right too! A healthy diet and exploding workouts are what makes a bodybuilder.


I have been using "Size on" for several years and always have positive results. I am 58 year old male that has been lifting for over 30 years. I have tried lots of other product through the years, most work great for a while but stop working over time. "Size on" is still working for me, and I will keep using it! I can sure tell the difference when I take a break from this product!


I've been using Gaspari Size On Max Performance for couple of month now mainly during my P90X workout and it's absolutely GREAT! I do feel more energy, not so tired and recovery time is much shorter. I tried Lemon Ice and Grape Cooler flavors and both are very good and tasty. I have to mix it with water as I am drinking it since the taste is very intense, especially Lemon Cooler.


in the first week of taking sizeon i noticed my muscles to look more full especially my arms and pecs. i also had great pumps while working out.the only cons are that you have to drink it with alot of water mixed in and i struggled to find a shaker bottle big enough and i did experience bloating in my stomach while on it


this came within less than 24 hours of ordering it using their standard postage option.Within 2 weeks of using this I'd already put size on. This supplement along side a good diet can (personally) add 4ld a week. I was surprised but I had hit a stale patch and his is all that I changed/added to my diet.


I bought this product because I was getting ready to lean out . They said it will help keep size while you do .Bought it an absolutely Worked for me stay point on my nutrition. Stay big strong an got hard. I've had 3 tubs an loving it just make sure you drink lots of water an then drink more


its for sure a good product. i get super pumped during workouts and its helped put on some clean weight. only thing i didnt like is how much you have to drink during your workout. am i going to buy more? yes am i going to continue to use this product? yes as long as its meeting my needs.


I enjoy this product. It has everything in it I need during and after my work out. I've put on about 4 lbs since starting my first container. I'm not looking to gain much weight at all, but this will help.


This product tastes great and is very effective. My husband is very loyal to this product and seller. He has seen great results and has even convinced friends to try it and they have been pleased.
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