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I have previously fitted one of these Fiamma roof vents to a campervan based on a Renault Kangoo panel van and found it transformed the van's stuffy rear to create a pleasant airflow and release of heat build-up. The vent has been redesigned since I used my first about 4 years ago. Now there is a permanent air flow providing draught-free ventilation even when fully closed and this helps keep the rear of an otherwise stuffy campervan fresh and pleasant. In warm weather it can be fully opened allowing light into the van, giving a view of the sky/clouds/stars and if positioned over the hob allows the release of cooking steam, heat and odours.Due to their relatively tall upstands,these vents cope well in wet weather and rain tends to run down their sides with no leaks or drips into the van. Obviously, in sheeting, heavy sideways rain it is necessary to almost close the vent but it can still remain slightly open to provide a pleasant air flow without a single drip in the van.Unlike certain other brands and designs, eg MPK, which open only a few cm and are quite brittle, the 'lid' on this vent can open to about 70 degrees allowing the greatest air flow of a small vent and, unlike the Heiki roof vent, it can't be 'adjusted', ie fully opened from the outside which represents a security risk with these vents.Build quality is very good. It's made from a durable UV-resistant plastic without being brittle and the vent opens by simply turning an internal wind-up mechanism. I also like the opaque cover: I wildcamp and try not to draw attention to camping in places I probably shouldn't and this opaque lid with no light leakage doesn't give away my presence when I have lights on at night.Fitting is quick and easy. Simply cut a hole, add sealant such as Sikaflex 512 along the underside and place it on the top of the roof over the hole then screw the interior section into place which also secures and pulls down the external section creating a firm seal. I also seal around the outside join with Sikaflex for extra protection against rain ingress.The best campervan roof vents in my (experienced) opinion.
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If you fit this yourself, the chances are you are going to have to cut a hole in the roof of your vehicle. I recommend you use a jigsaw for the job, and place masking tape each side of your cut line, to prevent the paint chipping. You should also treat the bare metal surfaces with red oxide primer, or similar rust-proofing, none of which is mentioned in the instructions. You will also need to create a frame, using wooden battens, so that you can actually screw the vent to something.In terms of operation, the vent has mosquito mesh to stop insects coming in and a dial which you turn to open and close the vent. This operates a rather flimsy ratchet,and I'm always worried that it's going to break and I wouldn't advise having the vent open in strong wind conditions. It seems to help keep our camper a little cooler and allow condensation to escape, although I think that if you really want to remove a lot of hot air from your vehicle a rotating vent will do a better job, albeit with some noise.
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I installed this in my campervan and it has made a world of difference, very easy to fit if you are confident with a jigsaw. Take your measurements several times to make sure the hole will be square and the correct size.There are no screws supplied as different thicknesses of roof will need different lengths of screws, use self tapping roundhead screws not countersunk and use plenty of Sikaflex to seal it down to the roof and over the screw heads.


Ideal replacement for obsolete rooflight. This was used to replace an older type of Fiamma rooflight in our motorhome. The fact that you can adjust the size of this rooflight by trimming spacers meant that it could be fitted to the original opening.


Easy to follow the instructions to install. Allows a nice bit of ventilation in my campervan when its warm. My only critism is the lack of a black screen to block out the light.


Really surprised with this product, it has exceeded all expectations in quality and looks. Will be buying another when I get round to replacing my other skylight.


perfect fit ,and easy to install ,old units were brittle and difficult to open .now with the turn screw adjustment its simple to use


Looks good, easy to fit. The dark grey looks very stealth on roof of van den distance as it's opaque aswell blends into night sky.


Usual Fiamma great quality, but you will have to buy some stainless screws for fixing as they are not supplied with the roof vent.


Good product. Good quality plastics. Arrived very fast. Only down side is it would be better if it came with the screws supplied.


Because it does the job well is quieter,it fits the original roof hole perfect;ly and the cost was reasoable too.


Did the job perfectly and cheaper than buying locally and waiting for delivery to dealer. Genuine Fiamma part.


Excellent delivery, did need bit of hole enlargement to get to fit my T25 autosleeper, but excellent quality.


Easier to to install than I thought and works well. Valuable light in an otherwise dark van . Good price.


Good all round piece of kit does the job very well . Brilliant after service aswell. Thanks guys
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