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A well designed water carrier. We wanted a wheeled carrier as it means water collecting can be made a task for the kids during set up etc but the barrel shaped rolling carriers are a bit space greedy when storing (circles don't fit economically into square trailers!). Then I came across these from Fiamma. The wheels are small but are wide so are good on all ground types even when full - I imagine a really boggy site would cause problems but then it would for most carriers. We bought both waste and fresh water carriers and due to their compact size they both fit easily under one half the bench seat of our folding camper (Dandy 6). They have a fold out metal handle which acts as a stand and for extra towing height when wheeling them,although this can be awkward to operate when setting off as they don't lock into position. There is large opening on "top" (when laid down) and a drain plug on the bottom and a storage point is provided for the large cap when the tank is in use. A two part cap into which the hose (and some types of electric water pump) can be fitted is also provided with the fresh water carrier.
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It’s basically very good at doing what it does. However, there are two issues I have: Firstly, I’m still struggling with the price - nearly £100 in total for it and its counterpart grey water tank; I’m thinking a little over half that would be more reasonable, maybe £60-£65 for the two. The second issue I have is the little waste water outlet on the underside, which you don’t spot at first, and that is left slightly open at purchase - we thought we were going mad with 23l of fresh water only lasting overnight! Good job we hadn’t bothered with the zip in groundsheet in our trailer tent, or we would have become just a little wet. OK, now I know,but would it really have hurt to close it at manufacture?
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This is a very good product. We had our Eriba caravan converted so the water pump now drops through a hole in the floor to save the space taken by the internal tank.The Fiamma Roll-Tank does the job perfectly. Rolls nicely on quiet wheels, just about the right amount of water (any more would be very heavy), tucks neatly under the van and the screw cap has an insert that neatly fits round the hose and electrical cable (I cut a slit in the insert with a sharp knife to allow it to slip on and off the hose and cable). Exactly what we were looking for.


These carriers are just what we needed,just the right size for Motorhomes,the two fit under one lounge seat, and can be removed from the exterior hatch.Great for if you decide not to move the van for a few days, some sites don't have a motorhome waste dumping point, so, do what caravanners do drain the underslung tank into a wheelable waste tank.Also top up your inboard fresh water tank with the Blue carrier. Barrel Types are too awkward, These are a Good Price and arrived very quickly.


Fiamma 23 Litre Portable Fresh Water Roll-Tank 23Compact yet a good size with fold down pull handle. Large filler hole will easily take our Whale pump (to transfer water into the motorhome tank. Fits under the motorhome on site. Best option we have found. :)


The product is very good, nice compact size for a folding camper. However the cap aperture was too big for our Truma immersion pump dust cap which is a pain. As cap sizes appear to differ between brands then the aperture size should be stated.


Compact yet a good size with fold down pull handle. Large filler hole will easily take our Whale pump (to transfer water into the motorhome tank. Fits under the motorhome on site. Best option we have found. :)


Very pleased with this model, being quite compact when stored in our campervan. Unfortunately, the filler cap was lost in the sewer whilst emptying it and it has been impossible to secure a replacement.


Using it at this very moment in time enjoying caravanning in this beautiful weather back to the product I find them very useful sturdy and very capable for the job in hand. Well recommended


Excellent job. It is a little expensive for a plastic container. But it fitted in my caravan, although I had to cut some pieces of my water pump in order to get it through the filling hole.


Bought this as a means of topping my motorhome water up rather than having to move the van, works well with a 12v pump and a hose ( pump and hose not supplied with the tank) Works well.


Have a blue and a white one, one just fits under the front bunk and the other just fits under the rear bunk. Just the ticket for sites with difficult to access services.


Very well designed and well done Fiamma for listening to peoples reviews and putting a drain hole in at the very bottom. Many Thanks from a very satisfied customer.


Bought it to store the grey water from my Camper Van. Makes life a lot easier to dispose of the water where drains are some distance from where one is parked.


Arrived early. Wanted it to replace an OE tank on a french Caravelair caravan. Just the job and looks better as well.
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