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A well designed water carrier. We wanted a wheeled carrier as it means water emptying can be made a task for the kids during pack up etc but the barrel shaped rolling carriers are a bit space greedy when storing (circles don't fit economically into square trailers!). Then I came across these from Fiamma. The wheels are small but are wide so are good on all ground types even when full - I imagine a really boggy site would cause problems but then it would for most carriers. We bought both waste and fresh water carriers and due to their compact size they both fit easily under one half the bench seat of our folding camper (Dandy 6). They have a fold out metal handle which acts as a stand and for extra towing height when wheeling them,although this can be awkward to operate when setting off as they don't lock into position. There is large opening on "top" (when laid down) and a drain plug on the bottom and a storage point is provided for the large cap when the tank is in use.If Fiamma had provided (as part of the basic package)a rubberised/soft cap to fit the waste hose through when in use then this item would have received five stars (these items are available as an extra).
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This container works very well to catch the waste water from my motorhome which saves driving onto the service point and also means I do not need to carry the extra weight of the wadste water in the on board tank around.The large white screw top fits onto the thread above for safe keeping when in use. It is easy to either carry or roll along using the metal pullout handle. The wheels are big enuogh to deal with gravel paths and grass.It is designed to be used either as a fresh water collecting tank or a waste water tank (not for both obviously!). The emptying hole is a small black cap on the bottom rear so ff you are using it as a waste water tank then if you make a small hole in the top of the big white cap on the front it will allow the water to run out easily,either that or you need to unscrew the white cap slightly to allow air to enter the tank. The internal shape of the tank means that the last drop of water does not flow out on its own so you need to shake to tank slightly. Other than that is a very good peice ofkit and does not take up very much space.
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A useful item for the caravan being not too cumbersome and large as many other makes are. Generally easy to use and would purchase a similar one if something happens to original. Has one large entry hole with threaded cap for waste pipes to enter and a useful threaded retainer bit for keeping the cap so it does not get mislaid when waste pipes are in situ. One annoying point which could have been easily avoided with a little thought by the design team is the position and size of the outlet waste pipe and cap underneath the main chamber. The waste exit cap and pipe underneath are far too narrow and in the wrong place as it is impossible to get all the waste water out of the container upon cleaning it unless you flip the container over several times between the top and the bottom.Does not sound much to complain about but spoils what could be a perfect device.
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I own the large Wastemaster Hitchman grey water tank which is great and the design of it sits under the outlet pipe on my motorhome fine but it takes up an enormous amount of space in the MH boot. There doesn't seem to be a design on the market that is smaller and thinner so I went with the Fiamma to try save space. Glad I did, I tried a various concoction of hoses and pipes to connect the outlet to the Fiamma but in the end it's just a case of tipping it slightly so it sits under the pipe and waiting for it to fill. It means a few more trip to the grey water drain as it's a smaller capacity than the Wastemaster but the space saving in the motorhome is worth that extra effort.Also it's a lighter carry to the drain because you don't fill as much water.
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If you have a camper van where space is at a premium, this waste water carrier is more compact than others I had considered, but without loss of capacity. Fits nicely into dedicated space in my van and is so easy to use.No chance of losing the cap as it has a "retainer thread" above the filler / drainage port, so when in use the cap is securely retained and is compact as the handle folds under for easy storage. Well thought out design!Good size wheels make it easy to transport a full tank to the waste water disposal point on any campsite. I would recommend this "grey water" tank to anyone and is good value for money.Ordering was easy and delivery time was good, less than a week.


The tank arrived at the exact time stated in the e-mail from the delivery company.The tank is a good manageable size. The inlet port is fairly wide and the method of cap storage should ensure that the cap doesn't become lost during use.For me, there are are 2 downsides. There is no air bleed valve resulting in the tank taking an eternity to empty using the bottom drain plug. Also the tank is too high to sit directly under the waste outlet on my current model Auto-Trail thus requiring the use of some flexible waste piping.One small point is that although the tank is rated at 23 litres it is brim full at just over 22 litres.


What a great product - and how much easier than lugging ordinary containers around.Found no problems with this tank, very easy to move around, very light when empty, easy to stow away when not neeeded, very tough and well made.Fits perfectly under my caravan, and the inconspicuous colour is a plus.Oh, and easy to empty and clean out.Highly recommended.


This carrier is perfect for motorhomes/campervans, it is a good square-ish shape so it packs away well,has Wheels and a handle so, is easy to transport to the dump station, just the job if you don't want to 'pack-up' the van to drive to the dump station, i bought a 'Blue' version also ,so i can top up the Fresh water as well. Both fit under a bed base.


As a motorhome owner of long standing I have often felt the need for a small but reliable waste roll tank.This one fits the bill perfectly.It is very well made and strong and will pack away into quite a small space.I would certainly recommend it to other motorhome owners.


A nice flat Waste Water Tank, easy to store, good strong folding handle and wheels to pull it to the waste disposal unit instead of having to carry the tank, it also has a storage point for the cap when the tank is in use.Fiamma Caravan & Motorhome Waste Roll Tank - Grey


Not had chance to use this yet but i do like the look of it, and not to big for my motorhome. it fits ok in the toilet bathroom area ok. i read the reviews beforei bought this, and they are spot on. to sum it up good price and just right for us motorhome owners.


I was totally impressed with the speed of delivery, the item reached me by 11 o'clock the day after my order, and although I have not used it, I am pleased with the product, which appears to be exactly as I expected rom the details.


Easy to use, bought for using with our motorhome even though we have a waste tank on board, many sites do not have drive over options for emptying waste water, this product is neat enough to put under motor home if we want to use.


Well designed now that a small drain hole has been put in at the very bottom of the tank. Well done Fiamma for listening to reviewers remarks about the tank needing a small drain hole. Many Thanks from a satisfied customer.


Good quality and good sized volume at 23 litres which makes it reasonable to lift when full. Easy to wheel around with a screw cap that screws onto the main body when not in use which helps top prevent it getting lost
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