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I can hand on heart say that my sum knowledge of chemical toilets is zero. However, as a new entrant in to the world of glamping (using a car conversion - I'm too wussy for a tent) I needed a portable loo for those special moments. Someone more qualified than I recommended this due to ease of use and compact size and it more than exceeded my expectations - in fact, I had plenty of reservations and it quelled those completely.It is definitely compact, in fact it fits into quite a small stowage space in my car. Putting it together was a bit of a faff - a top tip is to ensure it's clipped together properly before use (and have kitchen roll on standby!) - but a YouTube video was easier than the enthusiastic Italian instructions.It works very efficiently and I was especially impressed with the quality of the pump, as it does swill the whole bowl without trouble.I 'may' also have dropped this from height and it was completely unscathed, so I would say it is very durable and will stand the test of time. The box shows usage ideas such as boats and for the disabled and I can see no reason why it wouldn't suit myriad tasks. I would say that it is not a second rate option for the incontinent etc. and would have no hesitations in buying another for a family member.
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I have had umpteen camper vans over the years and all have had a chemical toilet of one make or another. What you want with one of these is something that works easily and without fuss. It should also be simple and straightforward to clean. Cleaning a chemical toilet is not the most pleasant of tasks but with this model it is much less of a chore than with other types. The two halves of the unit come apart simply and quickly and are well served with good sturdy handles that makes carrying them easy. The bottom part, which contains the "brown" waste, has a large opening which allows the sludge to be poured out with the minimum of fuss and effort. Rinsing and re-filling (with chemical fluid)are equally straightforward. Overall, this WC is simple and uncomplicated. It just works.
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Two main positive features:1. It's not huge and fits easily into a small camper van. Every other portable toilet I researched was too tall.2. It's good quality. All the bits seem robust, fit together well and operate smoothly.No negatives as yet. Hopefully, there won't be. I would choose this product again.


The most compact affordable portable toilet, ideal if space is at a premium. Well built with no leaks, good pump for flushing, much better than the cheaper bellows type.


Sorry I sat on this review for a while. However this product is a good value product that does the job, and has been well used in my Vivaro Van for work and camping.


Great size toilet for my small van fits well under the seat


Compact, efficient, easy to use and clean.


Fits to my motorboat well.


pretty decent unit
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