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For Feuerhand Paraffin lantern/Storm lantern, 7 customer reviews collected from 3 e-commerce sites, and the average score is 4.6.

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Addnature has 1 customer reviews and the average score is 5. Go to this seller.
Amazon has 5 customer reviews and the average score is 4.6. Go to this seller.
Ebay has 1 customer reviews and the average score is 4. Go to this seller.

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Use a couple outside on the terrace, in addition to the usual electric lighting, hanging over the table or else just standing on it. They give a gentle, friendly light, tho' you probably wouldn't want to try reading by it. They give a sense of warmth and, joy of joys, none of that hissing sound produced by a pressure lantern.


I bought the lamp at Christmas and therefore also only once tried. It makes a solid impression.  The look is appealing and the handling is easy. I can not say more.


Most amazing lamps and look beautiful in my garden! 2 years on and no rust!! Thanks x


Very nice quality, it works really well and is easy to adjust.


Gets lots of attention.. beautiful


Built to last.
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