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I wanted to share my experiences with the Fenix HL30 and my disappointment.I'm putting together three kits, for camping, hiking and emergency use and I including a head lamp in each.As I am putting together three kits at once, it is a pretty expensive undertaking so I have been careful to research each of the items I include to ensure quality and functionality.For a head lamp I opted for this Fenix HL30. It has a good head strap with removable overhead strap, a good strong LED and with different brightness settings, a red light, easy access buttons, and it takes two AA batteries.I bought three and discovered the problem when I opened the battery compartment of the first.The lamp is plasticconstruction and the plastic back which covers the batter enclosure is secured by a clip at one side which you pull to remove the cover. At the opposite side it is secured by two 'lugs' of protruding plastic which fit within two recesses in the cover. All this sandwiches an 'o' ring.When I removed the cover of the first, one of the plastic lugs was damaged and would no longer hold the case tightly in place making the waterproofing of the 'o' ring less effective as there was a gap in the case.I did what I could to remove the other two as gently as possible to fit the batteries and they seem to have survived, though the fit of the cover against these small delicate lugs worries me as they seem loose and fragile.I returned the broken item easily thanks to Amazon and bought a replacement. This arrived, and the exact same thing happened.This is not a case of me being heavy handed, it is a very poor design to secure a cover which will need to be removed numerous times, with a plastic protrusion no thicker or taller than 1mm.I will be returning this again as well as the two lamps that have survived their first batteries, as I can not be sure they will survive their second or third battery change, and to have this happen 'in the field' when the torches are being relied upon could cause real problems.I will have to find another brand which is disappointing as after lots of research it was this brand and model which suited my needs and I really like the items except for this design flaw.
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