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I bought this item and it is absolutely rubbish. The idea isn't bad, but it fails in execution.The first arrived and I eventually managed to get it up spending 10 frustrating minutes fiddling and wiggling the little metal bits that slide across and down to lock the table. Then I couldnt get it back down as they jammed into place. I tried, my significantly stronger partner tried, we wiggled and teased them trying to get them out. Nothing. So we rang and another table was arranged to be delivered.We were tol. To dispose of the first, so we decided to try and use a hammer to get it folded. Not even the hammer managed it!!!!The 2nd table arrived. Exactly the same scenario! Yet again jammed. This time I'm expected to wait in for a whole 12 hours for the table to be collected!I'm a keen camper, I used to wing it however with the arrival of a gorgeous 14 month old and another on the way I decided to join the grown up club and purchase a few luxuries. I wish I hadn't bothered. I'm now due to go camping in a couple of days, with no table and I shall teach my son the joys of eating his dinner sa. On th. grass!!Worst piece of camping equipment I've ever purchased!!! Do not buy!!!
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Unfortunately I have to agree that this is not fit for purpose. I took it away to France for our camping trip. It was scratched when I got it out of the box, and the edging was all over the place meaning it was dangerous as you could cut yourself. The legs are wobbly and then you can't put it down easily. An hour or so fiddling with the catches and finally it folded. But now I am left with a dreadful mess of table and stools (one which has a hole in the seat) and unsure of what to do.I will ask the company to refund.
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I ordered one of these. Its very cheaply made, and this shows. The chairs had the material sewn on upsidedown on two of the chairs. The paint was chipped on the chairs. The supports on the table didnt lock out properley, and the top of the table was cracked. I sent it back for replacement, and the one that was sent as a replacement also had a big crack on the top of the table. Quality was cheap nasty and damaged. Not fit for purpose in my opinion. What a disappointment.


The stitching on seats have started coming away. Only used for three grandchildren under 9yrs old !!!!
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