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I do have a milk allergy (Lactose Intolerant) I bought the vanilla 6lb just to try it out and hoped it would be okay.It was! Though, I never drink this by itself, I always make sure to eat something else with it to counteract my allergy, and I don't do the recommended amount; I do one cup of mass gainer and 2 cups of Lactaid milk per serving.It does get very chunky, and if you put the powder at the bottom first it will not mix well (it was super gross) though nowI've learned to put 1 cup of milk first & half a cup - mix with a spoon - and then do so with the other half and shake a bit and itcomes out clump free. I did try it out on a bullet,I didn't like how it came out and doing it by hand is much easier personally.I've also added the powder to buttermilk waffle mix it is extremely good!
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Yes, if your a body builder, I bet with exercise, this should work. This day and age, people want people to lost weight, get in shape. So to go out and find something to help you just put some weight back on. No! My husband is a stage 4 cancer survival. But just keep losing weight. Down to like he was in junior high, no fat or muscle. Son in law, said try this Mass Gainer. Will I just reordered more. I mix it different, yes, for bobs taste. He likes it. But best of all, he's happy to find something, that's helping put some weight back on. Three to four glasses a day. And now looking forward to start some exercises. This is a good helper for some cancer survivals. A plus, to try.


This mass gainer is great for bulking up if you have a high metabolism. I have always been skinny (6ft and 145lb) and have been drinking two protein shakes a day for two months working out 3x per week. So far I have put on 18 pounds of muscle (168 lb.) Please note, if you drink mass gainer every day and never work out there is a very good chance that you will get fat. The one thing I do not like about this product is that it is impossible to consume three scoops in one serving. One scoop is almost equal to 2.5 cups. The scooper is so big that it barely fits out of the container. Overall, it's a great tasting product that is great for bulking up.


After using different gainers I must say this one has the best flavor. I use the vanilla and mix it with a few scoops of ON strawberry whey and it really tastes good. It usually mixes very well also. However the latest tub I've gotten (4/19/13) seems to be different in that I'm having trouble mixing it and the flavor just isn't there. Hopefully I just got a bad batch and the next will be good again, because normally I actually enjoy drinking it unlike pretty much every other gainer out there.


It's great. It really does help you to gain weight. The only thing is that nobody mentioned that it's really hard to digest. When I take 2 cups, I'm gaging. The taste isn't very good either. It's not just this product, it's all the ones I've tried. Honestly I would just try eating a lot more before trying this. Eat every 2 hours and add 4 big meals a day and I can assure you you will gain pounds. But besides it's downfalls its great. I gain 12 pounds from eating and using this product.


It literally tastes like cotton candy/sugar, they could have done without the 25 g sugar per serving. Anyway, the serving size is extremely large! There's 8 servings in this 6 lb jar. The serving sizes are 2 1/4 HUGE scoops, the scooper doesn't even fit through the top! It's a bit difficult to get scoops out, but whatever. It does what it's supposed to and it's cheap so it's ok, but I'm going to try another one next time.


Tastes good . I would mix milk, a banana, handful of ice-cubes together with recommended serving size of protein powder together . I would want to comment on the weight gain aspect but I was not disciplined enough and therefore cannot speak on whether it actually helped in that area . The plastic scooper to measure the amount of protein powder was ridiculously big . Very hard to pour into a cup or blender bottle .


Tastes,great. No need to add much to it, however I wouldn't use too much wateror add ice cubes, as it would just make the shake taste funny. Better if creamier liquid used such as milk of any type. This is packed with calories. Yes it has a huge scoop that barely fits through the opening but I guess it takes getting used to. Either way the taste is good compared to others tried. This will help achieve goals.


The product works great for gaining weight, the muscle mass part is on you. Having a strict diet and great workout plan are key. This product does exactly what it is suppose to do. The flavor is great in comparison to other mass gainer and whey proteins. Warning: Do not use this product, if you are not going to workout consistently, this product will make you fat.


I started to use this product 4 years ago. It really helps with weight gain. I tend to get really skinny and it’s very hard for me to gain weight. I stopped but started it using it again 2 months ago and I have gained 10 pounds. I am working out and also have a high protein diet, that really helped me get the pounds faster. But this product will help for sure! ☺️


It is 100% different digestive for me with UC. And safe with Epilepsy. So it’s clean and safe. I’ve gained 6 lbs in 8 days while lifting weights and being persistent in my schedule of servings in the morning, after workouts, every 3 hours, and before I sleep. Very good! I thought I’d have an issue in one way or another, but it’s been awesome.


This stuff tastes great and mixes extremely well. I used half of the listed serving since two scoops is kind of unreasonable with the size of the scoop. This has also helped to build up my appetite as a whole to keep up with the amount of calories I have been trying to intake every day. I just ran out of this and purchased the larger bag.


Shipped quickly, tastes great, and works well! I highly recommend this protein powder. I do advise starting with half a portion, because a full portion doesn't quite fit in a normal size blender bottle and makes you feel pretty groggy. If you do decide to have a full portion use a powerful blender because this stuff is like thick!


I really enjoyed this product it's my first time very pleased. i haven't weighted myself but i can tell i gain some weight(muscle weight) others too, i get looks when I'm at the gym so I'm getting some results i guess. I'm ordering some more this time I'm going to try the cookies and cream


Great taste. I mix mine with two scoops, whole milk, 2 table spoons of honey and a few pieces of chunk pineapple. For an added treat I sometimes add pineapple juice. My only dislike is they don't offer the 12lb size whereas optimum nutrition mass gainer does. Good buy for the price though.
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