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I bought this not realising is wasn't Hydrolized, so as I have difficulty with dairy I coukdn't so much as taste it. But it really smelt nice! I gave it to a mate who said it was 'quite nice'. But obviously his idea of quite nice might not be the same as mine or yours.I think it would be great if the overal designs were more distinguishable between the different types of powder.... although the word Elete is a huge give away tbh and the error is all mine.It would just help to be able to see clearly from a quick glance that it is not the iso 100 Hydrolized. The colours in the pictures look too similar.
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It's not the best whey protein powder out, for Honesty's sake. Yet, a really better quality than 80% of what is listed on Amazon which are only 5 or 10 pounds cheaper. I would say only get the chocolate fudge. Smells better than the other ones I've tried and it's not as thick chocolate that you would feel bloated after or that you feel it's like a dessert every time so you can mix it at least with other food mixes like yogurt and even get yourself some peanut powder mix and use it with yogurt evenpuddings.
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This is a great tasting powder if you are looking to increase your protein. The taste is very rich and not metallic or fake but it may be a *little* too sweet for some. I tried it with water and ice and then with unsweetened almond milk which taster better. When it is mixed properly it tastes nice but the powder is a little clumpy and quite hard to mix up. The price is in line with other protein powders but it still feels a little pricey. But overall a good option and the taste is delicious.


Dymatize is easily my favourite protein. I don't know much about protein profiles and all - I will take the "experts" who say it has a great profile. But man it tastes absolutely lovely. Cookies and cream is easily my favourite. Chocolate Fudge is a close second. I love strawberry too. These are the ones I have tried so far. Isolate is definitely easier to digest. But this one is easier on the bank balance.I see myself having Dymatize for a long time!


It is a good quality protein at a reasonable price. Good protein percentage shows that this is one of a high-quality product. I have Chocolate Fudgy taste protein. I mix it with milk, it tastes like chocolate milk/ice cream. The texture of the mixture is good, and it is not very thick. Hadn't had any problems with digestion while used this protein. For now, only benefits from using this product. No disadvantages.I recommend this product!


I love this shake, it is very delicious. No after taste. No chemical or artificial taste. Good protein ratio per scoop. I mix 2 scoops with 180ml of semi skimmed milk and some ice and have it for breakfast. I could never reach my recommended protein goal without having a protein shake. Probably my only criticism is that it's too sweet for my taste. But I totally recommend it. Gonna try the strawberry next.


This is a very high quality protein powder that can be mixed with dairy milk almond mild water coconut water and lots more! It’s not to sweet and low in sugar! It’s packed full of the goodness you need for energy and repair!! I also like to add a banana into the blender and peanut butter also ice to make a protein smoothie! You will not be disappointed at all!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


A trustworthy brand - a recent Scandinavian study analysed various whey products and found that many overstate the protein content, or add other nitrogen-based ingredients to artificially inflate the protein measurement. Dymatize Elite was found to contain very slightly *more* protein than the label says.Cookies & cream flavour is great.


Just ordered this product and received within three days! Amazing service. Tastes great and looks great. So excited to see the difference in my body! I’ve been lacking protein for a long time and after research I came to learn this was one of the best low sugar proteins.


I've been bodybuilding for nearly 10 years and I've tried if all from MyProtein to Mutant Mass, Bulk Powders to USN. I can say without a shadow of a doubt this is the best tasting protein out there, and it's not even close. 10/10.
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