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UPDATE BELOW: We purchased these for our grandsons visit (5 and 8) - they are terrific. Fairly easy to put together - no tools necessary as they snap together with pop in nibs - would be easier with two people - but I managed to put them together by myself (I'm 58 and not super athletic). Once together, they feel very sturdy. They are the perfect size for our little guys and will be for several years. They have wonderful cloth bags with zippers and elastic bands to secure the pipes and pieces securely. The bags have heavy duty handles. They are fairly heavy - but the bags and handles make it easier to lift and move them. We chose the turquoise - very nice and true turquoise.The side organizers are just wonderful and I think the boys are going to love those too - they will hold the tablets, books, a small night light and other things nicely. I honestly think these are one of our best investments in a while. Having said all of that.. I never hesitate to update my reviews should new info seem useful.UPDATE: 7/3/2019.... I continue to LOVE these bunks. I just disassembled the bunk setup - for the first time. I had taken a picture of the pieces in the cases to help me. Took me less than 20 minutes! By myself. It was so easy. And the zippered canvas case/bags are the bomb. So So So easy to store. I am super impressed. The boys, 5 and 8, loved them. They were very comfortable and loved the side organizer attachable strips. These are a bit spendy. But I can see how we can use these for several years. The quality is top notch. I am just really happy with our purchase.
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We purchased the kid-o-bunk and the adult XL disc-o-bed with the footlockers. We LOVE them. Every member of our family, regardless of age or size, has been able to use them comfortably many times at home, while camping, or when traveling. They seem sturdy and safe, but we are careful about how we set up and use them (no rough housing, always checking the locking pins are in place).Last time we traveled, we left them with family members in their new home so their guests could use them. Their neighbor saw them and are borrowing them so their grandkids, who are visiting them on spring break, would have a comfortable place to sleep.My 14 and 10-yr old children can set them up without any issues.They love the comfort and they love using the extra bunk (or footlockers) to store their extra stuff.My nieces, ages 2 & 4, have enjoyed the kid-o-bunks and can easily climb in and out of them.They are sturdy, well-made, and easy to clean and care for. My slim 10-year-old daughter can carry one kid-o-bunk on her own, but the XL bunks are heavy. Oh, we love that the bunks each have their own carrying bag in case we only need to use one bunk.**I should add that the kid-o-bunk will hold 225 lb per bunk and a person up to 5'3" comfortably. The XL disc-o-bed holds 500 lb per bunk and a 6'3" person comfortably.**
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Great system, and the kids love it. We got it to add some more sleeping area in our RV to free up some space for adults. We received it quickly, and in original packaging HOWEVER one of the bunks was missing the side storage pocket assembly.*UPDATE the company contacted us, apologized for any inconvenience, and is sending the missing organizer. It's really nice to deal with a business that cares about what their customers think!I would suggest putting it together once when you get it so you get it figured out before you actually need it. Otherwise, on first glance it looks complicated. After getting it together once we didn't bother keeping the instructions as its easy to remember.So far the materials appear to be well made and of superior quality.The bed is super sturdy with no tipping issues even with two rowdy boys. Expect we will have it for years. Really would recommend it.
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Love it except for one thing- after a few days of use by my 7 year old on The top bunk, it separated at the sew line of the cot fabric parallel and interior of the side cot bar, the entire length of the fabric. I can see the cross threads and straight through to the bottom bunk. It seems to hold very securely disputed this separation but I feel like a 40 pound girl shouldn't have caused this? I will be happy if it lasts through our moving process, and even happier if we can still use it for camping and sleepovers. Also- the adult disk o bed has an extender that will rais it 7". I tried to find out if it would work on the kids size,I actually saw that listed in the questions and comments under the listing of this bed and the response was that they were not aware of a kids version. Would be nice to know, they are like fourty bucks, and it would make this bunk set nicer.
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Last summer, my family and went on a cross-country (okay, TWO countries) road trip with our kids, including several days camping, but also some hotel stays. I was looking for cots or beds we could use in our tent, and also if the hotel bed-sharing wasn't working for our 8 and 6 year olds. I originally was shocked at the price and couldn't decide if I could justify the purchase, but these are SO WORTH IT! They came quickly, assemble easily, and can be used, as you probably know, as both bunk beds and separate cots. I especially like the storage pockets for water bottles and books or toys. Since our trip, our kids have asked to set them up in their rooms to have sleep overs,and we've also lent them to friends who have enjoyed how easy they are to set up and take down. I would highly recommend these for easy of use, value for money and durability.
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Bunks have been in use for 2 weeks now. Kids love em. My 7yro can climb in the top bunk no problem. The canvas material is easy enough to clean for my youngest who still has the occasional accident. The best part is that you aren't left with a soggy mattress that will mildew over time. Cost me about the same as cheapo bunk beds would have without mattresses. The storage pouches could be affixed better but are just an awesome bonus and provide a great place to stow a pair of glasses or a Gameboy.If you are getting these for camping they are certainly bulkier than sleeping bags but no worse than any other cot.You trade ease of set up for ease of carry.If you are a single parent and looking for a better option for your kids to sleep that isn't a shared futon or eating up loads of space when you don't have your kids, this is a real winner
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Awesome product HOWEVER BEWARE----THIS IS SO HEAVY! The box comes with stickers on all sides saying "HEAVY" for shipping purposes---yet on the box is a photo of 2 kids about 7 and 10 years old carrying the separate bunks by themselves. There is no way a 10 year old could carry this with a smile on their face as the box shows. If this is being used for camping, you better hope your car and your tent are pretty close so that you don't have to carry far.PROS: Cool product. I have almost 4 boys and will be using this for years. Excited to offer it to friends and family that visit us with children. Very sturdy. EASY to put together and great design.PRO/CON: Bigger than I expected. I am 5'7" and I fit laying down on it. Glad though-as it will last years of my boys growing into it.
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I never write reviews, but THIS. THING. ROCKS. Love, love love it! My boys think it's the coolest thing. I bought it mostly so they could sleep downstairs on hot nights. I have an 8 year old and a 3 year old. There is an extender to raise the top bunk about 8 inches, which I highly recommend unless you enjoy hearing "HE'S KICKING ME AGAIN!" all night long. The picture of the bench is slightly deceiving- you have to fold over the fabric on the backside to make it look straight and the bar goes right against the small of your back. I threw some pillows on and it's fine for casual use, but not for them to sit on comfortably for any length of time.We take one when we travel so the 3 can sleep lower to the ground (hotels usually don't have bed side rails to borrow). Highly recommend.
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We have the adult disco-bed for guests and they always love it. When it came time to get my daughter a new bed we looked at what they made for kids. We ordered this right away, thinking it would be perfect. We were right. It was delivered on time today and my husband put it together in around 10 minutes with zero issues (though he has a lot of experience with the adult bed). It is sturdy and doesn't tip when my 5 year-old hops on top. There isn't a large amount of space between the two bunks but my 3 year-old had no complaints. The canvas feels high quality as do the poles and end pieces. The side pockets are a very nice touch - especially the water bottle holder. Overall,we are very pleased with the product and have no regrets. We will be ordering a second one soon for my son.
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Simply amazing, what an awesome product. I have 3 young children ages 11, 8 and 5 and they are all so excited about their disc - bed. After receiving the first set and seeing for myself just how easy it was to assemble and how comfy they were I decided to order a second set. Now we have 3 stackable disc-o-beds and each of my young children has their own bed. They take up very little space and we love the little travelling bags to put them into when wére not using them. I really appreciated the accuracy of the delivery date. I am extremely satisfied with the everything from the moment I placed the order until it was delivered directly at my home. Would be definitely ordering again


Love this! My twins are 2.5 and we have used it on three trips: two to small cabins one to a friends house. It fits easily in car, quick to put together and nice to have a familiar place to sleep for them when we are away. Great for this age because they can't roll out and even if they did its close to the ground. Excited to try it as bunks in a year or two to save floor space. We put a twin fitted sheet on it (fits loosely I might taylor some to fit more snug) and use a flease blanket. Great investment because it will last for their whole childhood. It's same size or smaller than air mattress and maybe more comfortable definitely more convenient and durable.


Was looking for a good solution for when my grandkids visit (ages 2 & 4) . These bunk beds are the perfect size, low to the ground and top bunk easily accessible for my 4yr old grandson. They absolutely loved them! Some of the reviews I read commented they weren't for older children. I have to agree for long term , but would work in a pinch. Definitely sturdy enough for a Tween; but there is not a lot of room between the top and bottom bunk for sitting up. I'm 5'3 and can easily lay on the bottom bunk and stretch my legs, but much taller would be a problem.Very portable with the carry bags, but would be too heavy for a small child to carry.


It’s very good. My kids love it. They are going to be 6 and 4. It’s about the size of a toddler bed but a little bit longer. I feel like I set it up faster then taking it apart. I gave it 4 stars because it is heavy. But in the description it says it’s 45 pounds. I wouldn’t recommend little kids trying to carry it cause it’s too heavy for them. Also, when converting it into a couch, it doesn’t look like a couch, it’s very awkward. Also, taking it down is a pain in the butt. Because the poles don’t click together when u are putting it through the material to make the bed, when you are taking it apart all the poles fall out, which sucks.


Nana downsized and we lost a bedroom for the kids to stay in on our visits and this was a great solution. We contemplated the adult bed because my boys are so big, but got the cute lime green instead. They both were very comfortable, however there won't be a lot of years left for my 8 year old at his height. My husband put it together easily, but it is heavy. If you use it for camping, which we will, park near your camp site. We bought a large duffle to bring it home on the plane and is was 49 lbs. We put it together as a couch and it was relatively easy. Unless you have lots of pillows in the back we didn't find it usable as a couch.


I was super hesitant about spending this amount of money, but I am glad I did. They had the small cozy kid folding ones and used those at grandmas house for 2 years, but they were getting a little big for them. I was nervous that these wouldn’t last long before they outgrew them but after seeing them, I am sure they will last a while. They are super steady! As a test, we laid on them as adults and they still held up. We use them for visiting family throughout the year... perfect!! Picture here is a 55lb 6 year old, and 46 lb 5year old and heavier 5 year old. My child and his best friend laid on the bottom all night long hanging out.
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