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Not sure if this review will be lumped up with the other consoles or PC version, so I'm gonna clarify that this is a short review of the Switch version. I have owned and played this game on Steam for quite some time now and it's great, big fan. When this came out for the Switch, I couldn't be more excited.As most people with a little more than basic understanding of game hardware would know, I expected this version to be quite a downgrade. There are some videos that mock this version and I almost bought into that,but as it is a physical version on a reasonable price, I decided to get it.I couldn't be happier. The graphics are great, frame rate not outstanding but stable and overall, it's Dead by Daylight and it plays as such. As a killer main, you will struggle playing with a controller, but I happen to be a controller nut and I own the Hori TAC G1 controller/mouse combination which I already used on PC, so I combined it with the Magic NS adapter and voila, now I can play with a mouse again and it's great. You could do the same for survivor, but controller is fine for that, in my opinion.It does take a long time to find a match as a killer, as a survivor, not so much. Overall, I would definitely recommend the Switch version if you're a fan and ever wants to play on the go. They are also constantly updating this version and much improvement has been made. Also, DLC characters such as Leatherface have indeed come into the game, but Freddy is missing at this current time for whatever reason. Anyway, enough said, I love this game and I'm quite happy with the Switch version, which has exceeded my expectations.Read full review...
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I have this game on PC and figured it would be interesting to get on the Switch to play on the go and when I want to be lazy on the sofa.The performance is not to great, I would say on average it's less than 30FPS.Some maps are smoother than others and the load times are pretty long (annoying if someone leaves before the game starts and you have to start the load process all over again).There are a few graphical bugs when browsing the store page,and at the time of writing this review each time you close the game your rank resets back to 20.All in all it's still a fun game to play which is why I am giving it a 4 star and not any lower - I am sure they will improve on the stability over time.Nintendo Switch has dedicated servers so there is no lag switching from the Killer side.
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I love Dead by Daylight, I play it on my Xbox One X and when I found out it was coming to Switch I was over the moon. I got mine from the eShop and have played a few games now and despite a few hiccups in the performance, (it's still early days, I bet they will get fixed) I really love being able to play on my caravan weekends. The new Stranger Things chapter is amazing too!My only small complaint is that when playing survivor in handheld mode, the skill checks are dead small and a lot easier to miss than playing docked.They should be slightly bigger in handheld mode in my opinion.
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great little horror game for over 18s Easy to get grips with. Can get repetitive if playing on your own But the best fun comes with 5 friends in a private party. Game is also cheaper than some higher end titles. Worth the money as it comes with around £16 of free stuff you don’t get with the basic version which is around the same price from other retailers l.


Absolutely incredible game.. there were some issues with servers at launch, this issue is now fixed for the most part. Plus the amount of DLC available is great.. one of the most immersive horror games available very similar to Friday 13Th in that you can play as a survivor or killer..


DBD on the Switch has some frame rate issues and is pretty ugly looking but it's a great way to play the game on your couch or in bed. I've actually ended up playing this more on Switch than I have on PC in only 3 months so that's pretty impressive! Recommended.


Really pleased I bought this for my switch, usually play on DBD playstation. Found it awkward to use the 3 part controller that came with the switch so I've upgraded to the pro controller. Graphics aren't as sharp but it doesn't detract from gameplay.


This game is just fabulous,It combines classic horror with great British humor. This game even includes dlc featuring characters from the hit Netflix show strangers things, which is just DEMOGORGEOUS.Great game would buy again.???


Good game! I've seen a lot of people playing DBD on twitch and fancied treating myself. The only downfall is that the graphics are just awful and they are much better on the free game on my ipad than the switch.


Great game. Not as good graphics as ps4 but if this is one of your games you okay alot then it's great to have it handheld too.
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