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Following a particularly dark power cut (no moon, stars, cars etc) I decided I needed an emergency light in case we should have more cuts. This light looked ideal for the job.I laughed when it arrived as it is so small, barely 10cm high, but in the dark it sheds a good light. It has three settings, medium, bright and SOS. While SOS is a bit gimmicky medium is plenty of light to read by and bright to carry around and light a small room or corridor.


Great little light. Powered by 4 AA bateries. I use rechargeables and it stays on for at least 6 consecutive nights (lower setting). Great for the little toilet upstairs, don't have to worry about the little un's at night. Two brightness settings, the lower one is ample for us. It's also got a flashing option, I guess for emergencies when camping, at the roadside etc. Cheap and does the job!


I bought 2 of these lights and was dissapointed at the size when they arrived but once I was camping they turned out to be fab wee lights, giving off a brilliant light and small enough to sit on the table for playing games or eating, they were also light enough to hang from the bedroom roof toggles without straining the stitching. I rate these as a great buy.


I bought two and they arrived very quickly. They are small but the amount of light that comes from them is very powerful so they light up a fair sized area. They came with batteries and are easy to use. I bought them to put in my children's room for when we have a power cuts and they do the job perfectly as they don't take up much room until they're needed.


Good lil light, its not very heavy and bright, runs on batteries. Took it camping and it lit up the tent with ease... very pleased with it for a fiver cant go wrong if u need a small portable light to help light ur way to the toilet or to find somthing in your tent. 10/10 (not sure on battery life but i used it for 3 nights n it was fine...)


Bought these to expand my powercut emergency kit. Great little lantern not as bright as an 8 LED lantern available but still very useful particularly on the brightest function. Won't use the flashing mode but can see the point for outside use. Lantern uses 4 x AA batteries, so easy to maintain.


we purchased these as we own & live in a care home & we have so many power cuts always in the evenings !!!! ( problems with grid in local town) that we purchased these for the residents to use as safe & give good light. Families are now asking us where did we get them from!!


I didn't realise they were so small, but that's even better to store away for camping trips. I haven't taken them camping yet but I have tested them indoors, and they are great! Straight forward to use. No problems at all. Thank-you.


Bought this lantern as back up for power cuts. It is very bright and as it is small will be very useful when walking and dusk falls as you can use the on off mode to make cars aware of you, very easy to carry


This is a brilliant light lantern, and is ideal for more than just camping, will come in very useful for power cuts to. It arrived exactly as advertised, and very well wrapped,most impressed. Thank you.


kids love these little dinky camp lights, and they last for hours. they do not, however, provide enough light for doing anything substantial (cooking a bbq in the dark...)


Really well put together, great light from a small torch - and it is small - but don't let that put you off, it's all you need for camping, or just the kids having fun.


Had ordered two lamps, they were a couple of days late arriving which wasn't a problem. They seem to do exactly what they are designed to do. Happy with purchase.


great product, sturdy quite heavy but also smallgives off plenty of light it has several settings including a dim optionwould be ideal for camping etc...


It's a lamp that lights things up. It works and doesn't seem like its about to break. Solid appears durable light is strong for a wee lamp. Very cheap.
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