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I have had one of these stoves for about 14 years - I am on my second only because the first one was stolen in a garage break in (only 2-3 years after I purchased the original one)and was delighted to still be able to buy the same model.They're easy to use, kick out a great amount of heat and the built in windshield works really well - I've never had any problems lighting it and camp regularly in the UK wind and rain.Despite only using unleaded fuel in it and not the cleaner Coleman fuel I've never had any problems with the fuel line blocking or anything - I've simply followed the instructions of repeatedly swinging the lighting lever between the two positions several times when extinguishingthe stove - this seems to have been effective in clearing the tubes.The legs also mean you can stabilise it in most bumpy surfaces (although I have only used it in fields as a pose to mountainsides)I currently use this stove in conjunction with a meths burning Trangia as the only slight draw back of the stove is it's harder to keep the flame on a low setting, and I find the Trangia great for simmering things I've got to boiling point on the Feather. (I mostly 'car' camp so have the luxury of having two stoves).I was thinking about buying an MSR stove as I'm planning on doing more pack backing in the next few years and felt the Trangia was too slow at boiling water etc to be my sole stove. Having done some research I then looked at the spec for the Feather again and realised it is only 100g or so heavier than the MSR stoves I was looking at so now have just decided to use this stove for my back packing. I couldn't believe it was only a little heavier - looking at the technology and design of the MSR stoves you'd think they'd be a lot lighter. But I'm sticking with the Feather for now thanks!
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Fantastic camping stove. Very powerful at full blast - even stronger than your conventional gas hob. Its fully adjustable so you can turn it down for simmering. Being able to use unleaded fuel means you can run the thing in any corner of the world and there are no nasty cannisters to dispose of! If you follow the simple instructions carefully it should light up first time. Its rock solid (all metal), cheap to run and looks like it will last well beyond the 3 year warranty given. Its quite compact and I'd say ideal for campers, motorcyclists, and most hikers. Can highly recommend at this price.After 5 months daily (at least 3 times a day) use on long tour I can say this stove is very reliable,very powerful and unlike a number of jet type stoves, very quiet. At the same time I bought the Coleman I purchased a much cheaper chinese type with separate fuel tank. After 2 months use it was binned after giving daily problems, flaring, fuel blockage etc. The Coleman on the other hand has been problem free and a joy to use.
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Ive used alcohol burners, gas, biofuel, gel, and solid fuel blocks. This is my first liquid burner.I have a solo stove that burns twigs, which is great for ultra lightweight camping and survival. However, in UK where it rains a lot the solo stove cannot be relied upon, esp out of summer, as twigs need to be dry to burn.Back to Coleman stove - Firstly, this is a SOLID piece of kit. Well built. Nothing flimsy about it.Flame control is good. (I have only used coleman fuel so far, very clean burn).I can do some proper cooking on this device. Can handle pans/pots both large and small.I like the fact I can fill the fuel tank up and not have a need to carry another fuel container for weekend trips.I was able to produce fresh coffee with ground beans and a Moka pot in 2 mins.Im pretty sure my gas hob in kitchen takes a little longer.As for the weight, man up.
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I recently bought one of these but haven't used it yet however I have used the very similar 440 model for about 25 years.My older stove has a slightly large tank but no feat and performed flawlessly for it's whole life.I always used unleaded but had to regularly clean the generator tube so this time have decided to use Aspen fuel when I can find where to get it in suitable quantities.What I like about these family of stoves is you only need to prime them in very cold weather unlike most other makes which require fiddly priming.Also the flame on these is much more controllable unlike MSR stoves that burn like a rocket engine.Also there's no fuel line to fail so it's much more reliable.I believethese have been discontinued so grab one while you can.
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I bought this stove having read a number of reviews on web sites, user forums etc. I use it for motorcycle camping rather than back packing. I would probably by a smaller unit for the latter. It is very easy to light and a fuel fill seems to last for ever (about a week for me). The flame is extremely stable with no flaring and roars like a blow torch if you fully open the heat control. The unit is robustly constructed with no plastic bits to fall/break off and it sits securely on its 3 fold out legs. As with all outside stoves I would recommend purchasing a wind shield to ensure maximum heat reaches your cooking utensils.


This is my second Coleman Feather stove - the original which I had for 10 years rusted from the inside of the fuel tank perhaps through under use!! Despite me trying to solve the leak it couldn't be repaired so I purchased a replacement together this time with the Coleman Filler Funnel.I'm hoping this second Feather Stove matches the performance of the first - proved to be so much better than other stoves I have seen in action even in very poor and windy conditions. A first class piece of kit - hence me buying a replacement.I will also have spare parts from my first stove should they be required!!


This is a powerful little stove that still works in the wind.It is a little tricky to fill without a funnel (which isn't supplied), but is available as an option (which is a little tight)It is well made, but a bit sharp in places, so don't store near inflatable camping gear else it could cut into them.Spares are available for this, but are pricey, so much so that they are not worth fitting over buying a new unit.These fuel powered units can be a little tricky initially to get a stable flame before warming up. Never light them in a tent or indoors due to this erratic nature.


I have had a variant of this stove for about 15 years gets used for cooking on every other weekend throughout the past 15 years never had a problem a friend of mine who also helps run the club has a gas stove but he leaves it in his car because of the gas tin going too cold and not being useable. 2 weeks ago he brought one for himself I cannot recommend this stove enough You can always find petrol and not always find gas locally if your in 2 minds what to do have one of these you will not regret it view YouTubeHttp://youtu.be/brAo1G7KF_YOr any other ones on there


Excellent little cooker, I bought this for a friend who goes off camping a fair bit. Despite warning her that the gas cookers struggle to light/burn when the temperature is very cold, below zero, she returned moaning about her gas cooker!Being multi fuel these cookers are brilliant, even when very cold, as it vapourizes the fuel across the top rail. I’ve had my one during my time in the forces, never let me down!If you’re in the market for a camping burner, buy one of these, you won’t regret it!


Great little stove!Hot and lasts for ages..... on full blast about 1 hour .... on low 5 hour plus - so you can slow cook a joint while out away from camp....just brilliant really on unleaded...Build is good and strong though not the best quality....I know of some who have used un-serviced for many many years....(10 plus!!)I use as a backpacking stove - on the heavy side but fuel is available everywhere in the uk and its quick and real easy to light....Mine is very reliable too...


I have just been on a tour of Scotland and used my earlier version of this stove (Coleman Peak 400A) and after nearly 30 years since I bought it, it still works like a dream in any weather including strong winds that many gas stove struggle with. I did need to add some oil to sort out the dried up pump but other than that with care and maintenance one of these will last as long as mine has! Essential bit of kit for getting off the beaten track.


Ideal for camping. Having previously used my Father's some 20 years ago (still going strong) I decided this was a necessary investment for the outdoors. Not the lightest stove but certainly makes up for this in build quality and reliability. Spare parts are easily sourced if necessary. I opted for this model with the fold out feet so ensure stability when cooking. Id recommend buying a carry case (I went for the nash stove bag).


Here's a stove for the camping fanatic. Powerful stove for quick hot water. Compact kit with impressive build quality. Heavier than you'd expect.If you're not a confident outdoor cook then this isn't for you.Care is needed while lighting this stove but there is a knack and once you have it you're set.Possibly one of the best single burner stoves I've used.Refillable tank making expensive gas cans unnecessary.


I have been using this Coleman stove for 2 years now. It works reliably and extremely economically almost every weekend in the summer months. Whether it is simple water heating for a tea or preparing a meal, it works perfectly. Re-pumping is only necessary if you want to operate the digester for more than 20 minutes. Water boils within 4 minutes - the manufacturer promises not too much.


Great lightweight option. In my opinion better than the full size Colman stove as it’s more portable. Works brilliantly but needs a bit of practice to learn its little ways. If your going to use petrol/Coleman fuel stoves this is also safer in my opinion than other stoves needing external priming (Youtube has videos of the ‘orange ball of flame’ often associated with lighting these).
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