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This was bought for me as a gift, and has seen perhaps 30 hours of service so far.It's a standard pressure lantern system -pressurised base taking about a half litre of petrol with the vapourisor and the mantle on top. Being a petrol stove it doesnt require preheating which seems a little odd, especially if you are used to parrafin lanterns and clip on meths preheaters.To use you just simply pressurise the tank, stick in a lit match and then open the valve. It lights and then you have a lowish output for a few seconds, followed by almost full brightness. Absolute brightness is reached after a minute or so depending on temperature of the outside.The problem is that is is easy to damage the mantle unless you are careful.The ignition process is not especially violent, but mantles are of course very delicate. As long as there is a flame close to the mantle (which means a long match) it'll light without a problem. However you have to then remember to turn the fuel valve down to a low output to prevet drops of burning petrol coming out and damaging the mantle. After a few seconds you can turn it back up again as it will be vapourising the fuel and running normally.The two mantles supplied are of the tie-on with string variety. Coleman however sell "instaclip" mantles that use a small wire clip and these are far easier to attach, especially at night if you have to replace a mantle. These sell for the same price as the regular ones (about £5 for a pack of three) and are recommended.UPDATE: I've now made considerable use of this and have put about 200 hours of running on it, with no problems whatsoever. It has just started to detatch it's first mantle although it is still perfectly usable it does now need swapping. This was with considerable use including carrying about and a lot of car journeys over rough groundApart from the different lighting procedure, it's just the same as a parrafin lantern, without the problems of having to preheat with meths, and as long as care is taken as above the mantle will last as long as it would in an ordinary parrafin lamp. It has a good light output certainly enough to light a 12 man ridge tent, or as a table lamp for a party of six to eat by. Coleman claim 125W output, perhaps that's a little high I'd place it between a 60W and 100W lightbulb myself.There is an antiflare system should it be knocked over, but I haven't tested it. The lamp is field strippable and the jet is self cleaning. For the longest life you probably want to run on pure naptha or Coleman fuel, but I've never had much problem running on unleaded petrol, and if you use petrol with a small ethanol addition that keeps the lamp a lot cleaner. I typically get about 2 hours 45 minutes on full power, 12 hours on a low output. It comes with a useful plastic funnel for filling as well.I've rated it four stars as the price is I think perhaps a little high and I'd have hoped for a double mantle at this price, but technically it's well built and should give long reliable service.
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This classic Coleman is a super efficient and really bright lantern. Simple to use and much more economical on 95 RON unleaded than compressed propane lamps. The lamp comes with 2 mantles - easy to tie on but very fragile once burned, I found some mantles online for about £1 each, I doubt the mantles will last too well on a car journey on British roads so spares are a must if you plan to travel. This lamp is clean and long burning. It will give off some soot and fumes until reaching operating temperature. I bought the lamp for use in the garden and for camping in the summer, it will also be useful in the event of power cuts.I am confident using the lamp indoors because although it emits carbon monoxide it must logically be very little due to the economy and efficiency of combustion. Candles also produce CO but I am not aware of any danger other than the obvious risks of fire. Having said that I still wouldn't be in a very confined, unventilated space all night with one of these lit!
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I absolutely love my lantern. It throws out a surprisingly bright and pleasing glow and means on warm spring/early autumn evenings, I can stay outside for longer and be able to see where I left my glass. It takes a bit of getting used to when it comes to priming and lighting it, but you can't beat it for that cozy feel around the table. I hadn't used one of these since camping trips as a kid but now it's familiar again, it's a doddle. Also has the advantage of using normal petrol if you don't want to buy the manufacturer's multi fuel, although I've found the multi fuel seems to burn slightly cleaner on lighting, however it won't do any harm.It's a quality made piece of kit,and if you want something a little more intimate than a battery powered lantern, yet much brighter than candles or storm lanterns, this is well worthy of consideration.Please hit "Yes" below if you found this review helpful. Thanks!
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Have had the Coleman double burner cooker for years and very pleased with it. Only used this lamp once so far but hope it will also provide many years of service! Well built and looks good.An update on my lantern - we've used it several times now and very happy with it. It provides plenty of light and a little warmth too. No need to worry about batteries running out any more! We use extra long matches to light it, as standard ones don't reach far enough up into the light so are a bit fiddly. We also have a Lumid Aid solar light for use in the tent which has been great for a bit of safe illumination when you are in bed but want a bit of light without the risk of fumes or fire.


great lamps works well however after a while the fuel injector will start to clog and the lamp will become dim or wont start then you need a new genorator, to avoid this every once in a while pop a few drops of car petrol engine fuel injector cleaner in your petrol ,this will unclog the injector and hey presto keep your lamp running at full power for years.latest update after lots f testing ive found the best fuel to use that burns well and will not clog up the injector is panel wipe as used in auto body shops ,theres no adittives in it to gum up the internals .paint supply shops or your freindly body shop will stock, pretty cheap fuel and worth hunting some out .


Replacement for (smaller) Coleman lamp I bought years ago for camping....unfortunately ran over with the car during bad garage parking episode! This model slightly larger and brighter than previous model, and perfect for taking outside to sit in the garden after dusk (with a glass of wine, of course), which is all I bought it for (camping days are long over!). A tank of fuel seems to last absolutely ages, with very little need to keep pressurising, so (even with current petrol prices!) is seriously economical and low maintenance . Heat emission can be most welcome after the sun sets and it gets cooler. Gentle hiss of the burner is just so relaxing.


I did not buy this on amazon, I bought it second hand but in as new condition for a lot less money. I always had coleman down as a second rate company but this is a quality well made product, so much so I felt the need to review it. I have had tilley lamps before and this beats them hands down - no priming/preheating, no paraffin smell (or much of a smell at all), and should prove cheap to run. Run it on 'panel wipe fast' in the UK, this is the same as coleman fuel but much cheaper. This is also the same as automotive petrol but without all the carcinogenic substances which are added to retard ignition and prevent engine backfires.


This is a very good high quality product. It does exactly what it says it will do, as long as you follow the instructions. Brilliant light output and warmth, as good as a Tilley which I have also had a couple which belonged to my grand parents. The Coleman of course does not require preheating with a meths burning clamp a distinct advantage over the Tilley. Even though I only live thirty odd miles out from London in the Chilterns the amount of power cuts we suffer through the winter months is unbelievable. The Coleman will be another useful tool in my armoury for many years to come of that I am Sure.


This Coleman lantern is perfect , strong and well made with no cheap parts and works perfectly .So easy to use and the brightness is spot on .Some reviews comment about burning off the mantle first , so i tried this without burning it off and it works either way .i was slightly sceptical about this purchase due to no reviews really commenting about the noise the lantern makes when operational but i can confirm it is minimal and it lasts on a full tank for 10 + hours 5***** rating


I have to say at over £80 it's rather an expensive lantern, but it does work well and provide a good strong light, excellent for playing cards when camping for example.Other owners of this item have commented that the lantern is a little tricky to use. I had trouble when using with normal UK petrol fresh from the pump. When I changed the fuel to Coleman fuel I had much better results.As per other comments on here, it may be something to do with the composition of UK fuel.


Reviewed this great lamp before but DO NOT run it on UK unleaded - it will die! Use Shell V Power fuel instead and it will work brilliantly. Our normal unleaded has ethanol and other crap in it which bungs up the generater. V Power does not and it will run eight to ten hours on half a litre of this fuel. Coleman fuel is over the top price wise and not much better than UK unleaded. Great lamp but use the right fuel and it will go for years!


Lovely lamp, Fairly compact, about the size of a tilley lamp. So easy to light without a big flare up of burning petrol. Im a definite convert to petrol fueled lamps. I have a big bright paraffin lamp and this complements it as it isn't as bright and you can turn it down as required which increases burn time considerably. The pump jammed so i had to return it which was easy and straightforward. Good product and great seller


This is an excellent way to light up your tented/bivvied area (outside only) when camping. I bought this for fishing at night and as it runs on unleaded fuel as well as the own makers fuel it is cheaper than buying batteries in order to get 15 hours plus light on one tank. Comes with a spare mantle and instructions on how to prep it before going out into the wild. Just make sure you have a long lighter or long matches.


Just follow the instruction manual and safety precautions, you wont go wrong.I am probably getting 60w + on high with this 1 mantle lantern.Using unleaded is easy and pretty much fumeless.I can't smell any fumes from this using unleaded.A must for campers and outdoor illumination.It also pushes off a nice warmth when burning for 10 mins.


The item purchased was very satisfactory and was easy to light up with proper instructions with diagrams. It is relatively a small unit compared to the Petromax which was a bit bulky, although was much brighter than the Colman Single Mantle Lantern I purchased. Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you.Kind regards,Suresh
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