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============= REASON FOR BUYING =============I purchased this initially for a few festivals and camping trips, however with a new puppy on the way I have already earmarked this as a lamp to use to keep an eye on him during the night.That's what's so good about this lamp, it's not only restricted to camping and has a myriad of uses, and it really does not look out of place in an apartment due to it's classic design.============= CONTENTS AND PACKAGING =============Lamp============= THE LAMP ITSELF =============The 'LOCK' mechanism for ensuring batteries are not drained or do not corrode is something I cannot comment on as I have only used this a few times.I will say that both modes are very good (LOW AND HIGH)and if you see the pics of the 2 modes in use you can clearly see how this lamp lights up a room even un LOW mode.The SOS function is something I would never use, it's just a blinking light. If the blinks were in morse and spelled out SOS I would think it was brilliant, however this is just a flashing lamp so unless the person who see's this knows you have a coleman I cannot see how they will see this as an emergency beacon as it could easily be mistaken for a kid flicking a lamp on or off or just a really bad rave============= CONCLUSION =============Awesome design, feels and looks sturdy and has already survived a few drops. SOS function aside it really does perform above expectations and as mentioned, I will use this beyond camping for some day to day household activities.A very good investment for a decent price. A+
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I'd seen its brother the twist at a camp and was well impressed, couldnt justify the money at the time but when i saw the price of the Push I couldn't miss the opportunity. I've got over 25 years camping experience and these Coleman lanterns are some of the strongest built ive used and the Push is no exception. I have a 6 and a 4yr old so you can imagine the battering equipment gets when they get their hands on them and the Push has taken a kick in and doesnt even have a mark. It has 3 light options and even the dimmest setting is more than bright enough camping. The battery life is ridiculous with the lock ability, it gets left on all the time (see: kids again lol) and have yet to need to change the batteries.The only downside is not buying more than one (something i'll remedy soon lol)
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Saw previous positive reviews and wanted this lantern. Really sturdy and gives off a decent amount of light to comfortably light up our 6 man tent. Don’t get me wrong for the size of tent we needed another light also to be able to read at the furthest point away, but we could have survived with just this light. It feels solid and this seller was by far the cheapest we found. It felt well built and would need me to run over it in my car to break it. I was so impressed I’m going to buy another one.


Nice size, moderate light output, certainly enough for camping general lighting or during a blackout.Battery lock mechanism works well (unlike on the coleman head torches)Robust construction, and not too heavy to hang in a tent.Light color(temperature) is a mildly warm white.. Not the harsh white that I was expecting.... Which is good:)If the battery life is as long as they say then the lantern deserves the 5*s above.... If not then I will down rate later.Overall recommended +++++


I bought this lantern for my mother in law as she is worried about power cuts and wanted to have a lantern in the cupboard by her bed. Very happy with this lantern, it is compact yet powerful and feels high quality. The battery protecting feature was the key reason we choose this model. As this will be used in an emergency it is crucial that the batteries are working when needed.


What a fabulous lantern, sturdy, easy to use, easy to install batteries, easy to carry. The light itself is excellent and perfect for our camping - also use this for power cuts at home as live in the countryside.


Finally I found my camping light. The colour of light is warm white like normal light at house. Led lights give more blue colour and was making me sick and dizzy . So yes would recommend 100%


Solid light feel to lantern. Bright enough on low setting - super bright on high / flashing. Now looking forward to seeing whether the batteries last the 400 hours promised for low setting.


Excellent and well made battery lamp. Very good features include medium light, bright light andflashing light. This is also very good value for money I would recommend it anyone.


Just great!! Super sturdy, 3 mode settings, plus the battery shut off function is fab...battery lasts forever!! Has withstood being tossed around by the kids no problem.


Excellent lantern, two levels of brightness plus an emergency flashing mode. Hard wearing and looks as if it can handle punishment too.


We bought two for use in a stable after dark and they are perfect for the purpose, sturdy and effective, easy to use.


No more fumbling for batteries during power cut. Check out the video. Would unequivocally recommend this product.


As described but light not as bright as I thought it might be.


Have not used yet in tent but did try in dark room. Excellent.
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