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We bought this for camping trips. This is a fantastic airbed. It is big and, most importantly, high which made a huge difference for one sleeper who has sore knees and struggles to get down to or up from low. It inflates fast and easy, no issues at all, easy to deflate too. Note the measurements if you are buying it for your tent: to check the floorspace might not be enough. The bed was just right to fit the length of our tent's bedroom floorspace, but tents' walls often go at angles and this bed is very high, so the end edge of the bed was firmly touching the end wall of the tent, which meant wet when it was raining at night.Some reviews mentioned deflating. It lost some air first night,but we pumped it up and it didn't loose anything at all any further nights. So i guess it is up to closing the valve correctly (pushing it right in).Very happy with the purchase (although will have to think how to rearrange the tent :)
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Wow. I bought this airbed in 2018 when heavily pregnant to go camping. It is about the height of a low normal bed and was easy and comfortable for me to use even pregnant! After this, it was used as a spare bed in my house after the baby was born and has not been deflated since - it has had heavy use with people sleeping on it month after month many nights in a row, and has needed topping up maybe once or twice in that year and a half. It has now finally popped from all the abuse and I haven't been able to fix it with the patch, so I'm buying a new one now. I'm very impressed at how hard wearing this air bed has been, it has gone above and beyond what it was designed to do.It is true though that this is a big airbed - do check your tent will have enough width and height, and if you like to use bed sheets over your airbed, you will need the size up from double.
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Bought this for our three week camping holiday last month. I'm 199cm tall and 105KGs (decorum dictates I shall keep my wife's vitals private), but the ability of the mattress to stay night after night inflated was a priority.Very happy to report - very comfortable bed for two - only required two minimal pumps over the three weeks. A good height above ground - inflation (with a hand pump) and deflation pretty easy. Electric pump would be better of course.Would recommend using a mattress cover before putting on the bed sheet as the 'flock' top is quite thin. Other than that - very happy. Great night sleep and non of that rolling into the middle and waking up in a sandwich nonsense.Well made,dependable and good value.
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Very comfortable, can be pumped hard as a rock or left with a bit of softness. Does deflate a little with time, but that's the nature of inflatables - have you ever seen what a balloon looks like after a week?This bed has a brilliant space-saving way of rolling up with a built-in carry handle. As long as you've got a pump that can do a good job of deflating, it's fast and very easy to return the bed to the size it was in when you first got it out the box! Other reviews complain about the size of the valve, but I've never seen a pump and an airbed of any brand that fit perfectly together, so you just need to push the pump into the valve and hold it there whilst inflating or deflating.Hardly rocket science...
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I literally love this airbed. I use it for very often since I bought it. We having a friends comming quite often and staying overnight. I even tried it myself (I am 120kg 190cm lad). No leaks, no hassle. Very comfy airbed. Didn't tried it outdoors yet, but that's in plans. I'm pretty confident this airbed will be much better, than those 5 I had before bought from Argos (even expensive one started leaking after a week of use).First one, I bought we managed to blow up some how. Although me and me wife don't exceed 250kg :) it started leaking from one side.Tried to return it, but apparently 30 days past, so I bought another one. It is good airbed anyway.


We have always been avid campers, but as we get older, it has become harder to continue with this hobby. However, using the Maxi comfort airbed has greatly enhanced our camping experience. It was easy to blow up using the quick pump and the height off the ground made it extremely easy for us to get up from. We used it for a week and found that it only lost a slight bit of air, which was easily rectified. A comfortable nights sleep all round. Excellent purchase.


Found it much more comfortable than the lower air bed we had as my arthritis make a it trick to get in and out of bed but it made my hip joints sore after a few nights and we were really cold. Going to look for a memory foam topper before our next trip. Needed pumping up regularly and it's not easy to get the pump out with allowing it to deflate, supposed to push stopper in then pull pump out but it can pull stopper too and then start over. Takes practise.


We bought this bed for Glastonbury and it was perfect! Easy and quick to inflate, extremely comfy and very sturdy. Two of us slept in this bed for 5 nights and at no stage did we need to try and re-inflate it, it was as inflated on the last night as it was on the first. It’s also very sturdy so when one of us got out of bed the other did not roll into the middle like other beds we have had. Will now use this at home as a guest bed.


Read so many reviews to make sure we brought the right one for us to use camping.This is fantastic.We inflated half gave it a rest and then finished inflation when we first got it.When we went camping we inflated it all at once and had a brilliant nights sleep.I have a serious back injury and was very comfortable on it.We had to put a little air in each morning but no hardship.Easy to put away and rewrap.100% excellent buy


It stayed fully inflated whilst we went camping for 5 night without us having to pump it up again. Only negative is that like most airbeds it transfers the cold from the ground upwards, so you will need a warm blanket to place over the top of it to lay on. With that said, I'm very pleased to have purchased it, we go camping at least 4 times a year for 4 or 5 nights- With this airbed, I'm looking forward to many more nights away!


If you want a comfortable night sleep in a tent, then I can definitely recommend this air bed.I have severe spinal problems and had no problem sleeping on this air bed for a week, had Comfortable and good night sleep on the air bed.It’s easy and quick to inflate with and electric air pump, and the fact that it comes with its own case attached is very handy, it saves you looking for your stuff when your packing up to leave.


Bought this for a night away camping, and I'm so pleased I did. I love a decent bed and struggle with my back so I was dreading an uncomfortable night. Ironically we were so cold we hardly got any sleep - but this blow up air bed at least meant that I was really comfortable through it all! It's definitely worth getting this for a good night's sleep, just don't forget to get a decent sleeping bag too!


This is very comfy, we've used it several times this year and once pumped seems to hold the air for quite a few days, unlike cheaper air beds, comfortable and folds to a compact size. Would recommend even though it is quite expensive and was a bit disappointed to see the price reduce the day after I purchased it. You get what you pay for, so hoping this continues to be the case for a few years.


Just returned from camping for a week and this bed made all the difference. Several envious looks from others on the campsite. I have a scoliosis which means that normal air beds have meant that camping has needed some post trip recovery but not this time! Yes this might seem like luxury but for me it's a necessity and meant that our daily 10 mile hikes were followed by a good sleep!


Fantastic bed. one of the best i have ever slept on when camping. its large tho. note that this bed is more like a queen size and so doesn't fit in the 2 man compartment of our larger 6 man tent. we just took the 'bedroom' compartment down and used this bed in 2/3s of the tent space.Inflates pretty fast with the colman electric hand held inflator too.
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