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Having the Coleman Festival Blackout 4 tent as well as the matching chair I thought I'd buy the sleeping bag too. Wayy hay. Matching camping gear. Get in. Litterally I mean it is a sleeping bag after all.Like others have mentioned. Packed up it is quite big and definitely not for backpackers and hikers. And to avoid confusion this is the single sleeping bag. Not the double.So as I'm neither a backpacker or a hiker and I do like a little bit of comfort in my camping trips. I like a nice campsite and my car nearby. So the large pack size really isn't an issue for me.I've used this sleeping bag for the past few nights in preparation for when I go away in a couple of weeks.I was surprised at how well it seemed to regulate the heat. I was neither too hot or too cold. If I put my arms outside of the sleeping bag then I was shocked at how cool it was.Which with hindsight shows how good this sleeping bag is.So yeah it's better than I expected... Maybe I wish I'd bought the double as opposed to the single. As the second night I used the bag opened up more like a duvet.... I'm still not used to being confined in a sleeping bag and taking a duvet is just silly... And I will never do that again.Yet again surprisingly it held the warmth beautifully. Highly recommended.... Just not if your intending to use it whilst back packing.Oh and I've now ordered the double as well.
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I bought this with the matching 4 person Festival tent.This sleeping bag is fantastic, it does exactly what it says in the description - I couldn't believe how well it regulated my body temperature, keeping me cool and dry but warm without being sweaty and hot.Love how it packs away into its own duffle bag and is nice and light to carry, the material is also lovely and soft to the touch.I would definitely suggest buying the sleeping bag and the tent together as they're both really superb products. The Coleman brand is now my 'Go to' outdoor brand and I recommend them to everyone. Perfect for experienced and first time campers alike.


I needed a sleeping bag for northern Norway as we were camping in some places with temperatures at 2 degrees. It was very cosy and warm and I didn't want to get out of it. Very good for the price.It is big/bulky, can be carried on its own if got hands free. It's not one for backpacking. Mine was thrown into a car. Ideal for festivals if not doing much travelling/walking. It will be one of those extra items you have to carry. (4*'s instead of 5 for festival goers inconvenience).


Comfortable, cosy sleeping bag. More than warm enough while camping in the Scottish Highlands in April. The material is a bit more "fabric-y" than the typical waterproof type material in sleeping bags - it's super comfy but not so waterproof as a result. Should point out though that special zippers that don't catch the lining due to their design, do in fact catch just like any other zipper.


Great quality sleeping bag. Ideal for our needs, it arrived very quickly & is easy to fold away in it's storage bag. Being a double - it's quite bulky, so if you're limited for space it could be an issue. We're absolutely delighted with it though - as space isn't an issue for us.


This sleeping bag is huge. Great for those hot blooded soles who don't like being confined, for hotter blooded types who want to share and for cold blooded types who can fold it in half, button it up and cook under 3 layers of insulation!


This is the best sleeping bag I have ever purchased, its very roomy, thick and cosy. The zips are very sturdy and the air hole at the bottom it great for not overheating. Would definately recommend this item


This sleeping bag kept me really warm all night, in fact I had to open it as I was too hot. Would definitely recommend it . Lots of room to move around unlike the mummy sleeping bags.


We have the single and double (single for child). Camping in less than -3 and we all had a toasty night's sleep. Others camping in our group struggled with the cold


The best sleeping bag ever. I used it for a month. I'm always so cold but in this sleeping bag, i was never cold. Plenty of space to keep rolling around


This is a great sleeping bag, really comfortable, lovely material and plenty of space. Would highly recommend if your looking for a double sleeping bag


The zips work really well, double top layer very effective, very warm. It rolls up in its own bag easily. The bag is quite large.I would buy another.


Big, roomy, soft, warm, not too bulky when packed away.Will be tested properly on camping holiday in April but propects look good.


My wife says this is the most comfortable sleeping bag she ever had. Warm and with space to move around a little.


Great sleeping bag with plenty of room at the bottom so did not make me feel claustrophobic. Really warm.
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