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I bought this little gem for my recent camping trip through South Africa. I also borrowed a Campingaz Lumostar for the same trip. In the end I had the Coleman F1 in constant use whilst the Lumostar was sulking in its packaging. The F1 is not as bright as its competitor (the metal cage swallows up more light than the glass shade of the other one, the mantle is slightly smaller and holds less gas). However the main reason I preferred it was its easy of use. To install a mantle is a doddle. It's easy to light and to regulate. I prefer the screwtop adapters over the clicky Campingaz version (as I was also using a gas cooker I needed to change bottles frequently). It is much sturdier as it contains no glass,has a nice carry case, is light as a feather and can be thrown into your luggage with no fears of breaking anything. And let me just repeat - installing a mantle is a DODDLE! (I broke 3 consecutive mantles on the Lumostar and was ready to throw it into the night - it is so fiddly by comparison, even when finally installed, gas flames leaked out and blackened the glass screen). The only reason for the missing the 5th star is that the metal cage looks like it's starting to corrode (after only 3 weeks of outdoor use). That doesn't interfere with its function but I'll reserve judgement on the longevity of this lantern. Apart from that it was love at first sight!
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This is a great little camping light. There's no glass to break and its small size and protective case means it's easy to pack away. Light output is pretty decent, only used it outdoors but it was enough to read by if I sat close to it, with the added bonus that it throws out a good amount of heat for those chilly evenings. I was a little worried on this front, as it was being used under an awning, but in actual fact the heat above the lantern dissipates fairly quickly, so anything over a few feet above the lantern is probably safe enough.The mantel was a little hard to fit, but I guess practice makes perfect. The top of the lantern has discoloured with use, but this seems to be more cosmetic than anything.However, the clips for the hanging wire are looking pretty black - not sure how long they will last, but as I don't hang the light I'm not that worried, but it could be something to watch out for. It should run for around 18 hours from a C500 canister, according to the box. I've had maybe eight hours out of it so far and the canister seems to be still be pretty full.Although the top of the mesh cage does glow red hot when you turn the lantern off, it cools down in just a few minutes, which means you can pack it away quite quickly, without it melting your tent.
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I apologise, kcampbel, but it might be you... :-)These lanterns are a breeze in my opinion. They are very light in a backpack, good light-and-heat output for size - can even warm up my 2-man tent - and no more easy nor difficult than other similar mantle lamps to change over mantles, even with my butterfingers (always carry spare mantles!). The plastic case and textile carry pouch are handy, too. I'm much more happy with the F1 than the other lanterns I have tried: the Vango - piezo ignition unreliable, poor build quality; the Gelert Mini - much more fiddly to use.We have two of these, for individual use and both together for family camping. And whatever the virtues of battery/wind-up powered LED lamps,there's nothing quite like the glow of these lanterns.Yes, you lose a little light with the gauze cover in exchange for a little heat. Yes, the output can be affected by windy sites. At the time of buying these there was a choice of glass or mesh globe, and I wish I had bought one of each. My only gripe is that the glass globe version is no longer offered for sale.
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Puts out a heck of a lot of light, seems OK on gas consumption. Mantles easy to fit once you've got the knack. Without the knack I fully appreciate the 1 star reviewer!I prefer candle lanterns, but this is great if there is a group of you just kicking back, having a brew and chewing over the day. That wasn't the only reason I bought it though. I bought it for a main room light during power cuts. I find LED lanterns harsh over time, and whilst in a tent, candle lanterns are superb, at home, the added light this kicks out will be welcome when the powercuts start. We always get a few 24 hour ones over winter and this will make cooking and eating easier ( I have children, they like a lot of light whilst eating ),then back to candles.So, small, light, efficient and Amazon seem to be the cheapest out there. Go Outdoors, at the time of writing want £36!
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I have used a fair few gas/multifuel lanterns but this little piece of kit is superb, straight out of the box twist off the mesh, push on the mantle, light mantle with me lighter and let it burn out and smoulder. put mesh back on, fit the wire handle, twist onto gas bottle turn on gas valve and light, Good light output and control blooming excellent. I also have a gelert and hi-gear mini gas lantern both work but I wouldn't recommend them, the gelert one leaks at the valve if turned up to high, and the hi-gear one well just wouldn't recommend it. Hope this is of use.


We wanted a small light that would work on the gas cylinders we use on the gas converter for our Trangia Stove. This is really neat and even comes with its own drawstring bag. There is no glass to break and it is light enough that it is not much heavier than the candle lantern I used to take when I went backpacking. The light is bright enough to sit by in the open and is excellent inside our small tent (do this at your own risk - but we always do). I do not know if it will corroded now it has been used - we will have to wait and see.


This is a real gem of a light, easy to use and it throws of A LOT of heat..I would make sure that you have a couple of spare wicks with you, any will do...I would be careful of hanging the lantern in your tent. The pantern comes with a wire hanger, but just try and hold it when it heats up.. you WILL burn your fingers. That said, it would be perfect hung up in a camping barn, or sat on a table. With the heat output, it will more than adequately heat your tent. Good light output too.. (which is the point of it..!)Go get one..!


Be aware that this is a very small lamp and doesn't give out a great deal of light. It is basically made and the mesh protection around the mantle limits light output. I think it would be better with strengthened opaque glass but it is what it is. Make sure to burn-off the new mantle outside first, as it will produce a lot of acrid smoke, before it transforms and can be used with the gas flame. Ideal for camping expeditions as it packs away into its own little carrier, but not particularly good for a stand-by power-cut lamp.


Probably subjective but I reckon this puts out about the same as a 40watt bulb, maybe a little less.When you think it's about 2/3 the size of a coke can and weighs less than a can of coke that's not bad at all.More than enough light for a 3 man tent which I'm using it in.It gets HOT, obviously but at this time of year that's a good thing, 15 mins or so is enough to take the chill out of the tent and allow you to get settled in comfort.Nothing earth shattering here, it just works well and weighs next to nothing.


Light, compact and basic looking but quite robust and able to resist the squash and knocks of a weight conscious pack. Being able to swap a single gas canister between stove and light is the real advantage, just do your supper first as there are reports that trying to remove gas when the lantern is hot damages the connection seal and it might be dark by the time it cools down!


bought this cos the wife hates lighting my Coleman dual fuel lantern [it's all that petrol!]small, light, easy to use and easy to store. will be ideal for my walking trips, but is an outstanding little light for normal camping too.It does get HOT! so keep an eye on it if hanging it by the straps - though we have had no disasters.Will be buying another when funds allow.


I brought this from my local camping shop, it's a great little lantern. The same mantel is still working, even though the lantern has had a few knocks. Be careful as it does generate a lot of heat! I've used Coleman performance gas (butane and propane)cylinders in the lantern, which is overkill for just a lantern. But normal butane will work fine.


Bought this on holiday after a new GoSystems lamp failed after it's first use. Happy to say that this works just fine, although it is a little fiddly to light until you get the knack. In use the mantle is well clear of the lighting hole, which was my concern beforehand. Small and light, with good protective sleeve/bag provided.


small and good size. But i am disappointed with the metal, as i would this it would be slighly stronger and looks like it may break easy. If it was slightly better then i would pay very slightly more, but happy with the price. looking forward using it. Good 3 year limited warranty.


I have 2 units, bit fiddly fitting mantles until you get the hang of it, used for fishing trips, good light and heat output, make sure bivvy / tent is well ventilated, not sure how long the C500 cylinders will last, great product at competitive price ?☺
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