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It's hard to gauge how big this is from the description, but I'll say that although it's pretty narrow, there's plenty enough space on it for a single adult to sleep on.The very large inflation hole is a bit non-standard. I bought a push-pull pump with three attachments and the only thing that worked was to remove ALL the attachments and stick the pump onto the matress using the hose connector, making inflation a bit tricky.So, don't expect a standard inflator to work, you'll have to get a Coleman one,or one that's compatible. This smaller matress doesn't take a huge amount of puff to inflate, but it'll leave you dizzy and lightheaded, so I wouldn't try it. Get an inflator!When inflated, the matress is pretty thick (about 5 to 6"), so you're well insulated from the ground. We left it inflated for two days and it didn't deflate at all. The top is nice and soft, so you can just lie on it directly, without an undersheet if you need to, although a sleeping bag is recommended.Can be used in a pinch for a house guest with nowhere to sleep... The matress comes with a nice little carry bag that it rolls neatly back into. I've stashed it under the bed, where it sits neatly. It's pretty compact when it's deflated, actually, about the size and weight of a large bottle of pepsi.Given the price, it was excellent value for money. Would recommend.
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Ideal size for kids.If you are tight for space and willing to sacrifice a little bit of sleep quality whilst camping, then this is also perfect. Blown up, it is about 2 inches shallower than a traditional airbed, however, it still supports a grown adults weight and then some.My only issue is its width, as I rolled off every 5 minutes.Very happy though


My Coleman Comfort Single Airbed arrived on time and well packed. I have inflated it and tried lying on it, seems pretty good to me. My brother recommended this make as he also has one, it's for use when relations come to stay.........at Christmas, so it hasn't been used yet. I must say it is still inflated two weeks later, so seems perfect for the job.


This was a fantastic airbed, once I worked out how to put it up. You had to pull the valve right out first, then use an extra wide pump nozzle, which my pump didn't have. Luckily, a friend did, or I'd have had an uncomfortable camp!


Good quality slimline air bed but a pain to inflate as so called universal foot pump didn't have an adapter to fit so lost air when trying to close... Should have bought one with a built in pump maybe?


Excellent value however we purchased 2 beds one was perfect but the other one deflated after a couple of hours use. Try before you go on your camping trip. We didn't and regretted it!


Fairly comfy. Lets some air out, so whilst camping- had to keep topping it up every other night. But then this has applied to every other air bed we have ever bought!


This is the best one I've bought it's smaller than usual and doesn't restrict my nose and breathing. I bought a second for my partner.


The size is very good with a bit less in width so that I can even squeeze it on the narrow aisle between my bed and my bookcase.


Much better than your average blow up bed. lasted four nights camping without losing a micro gram of air.
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