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I have one of these types of match boxes from when I was a Boy Scout that I found a few weeks ago with some old camping stuff. I opened it up and found it full of strike anywhere matches. I took one out and stuck it on the concrete floor and it light right up.The impressive part? I haven't been a scout in over 25 years! These matches stayed perfectly preserved for over a quarter century and lit right up! What better testimony is there than that? I decided to buy a couple more right then and there!


This is a simple way to keep a supply of matches dry, by the use of a watertight plastic tube. It's easy to screw open and shut, and provides room for about a single box of matches, though I couldn't for quite an entire box inside it.The tube closes tightly so it ought to give adequate protection. Orange colour, so you'll be less likely to lose it. It is quite small, so be careful.


These are great for matches. They are water resistant with a good seal and can hold the UCO Stormproof Matches and regular strike-anywhere matches. This is a tall, thin holder. The flint on the bottom is useless and just makes the container tippy and annoying. It would be better if it had a striker.... so 4/5 overall.


It is a nice bright orange waterproof match case. The fire-steel on the bottom is a great idea but the way it is designed it is difficult to use. The glue that adheres it to the case partly covers the fire-steel making it a challenge to use as intended. This part of the case needs to be redesigned slightly.


Good little sealed match box.However, the rod on the bottom it utterly useless in my opinion and the black coating seems to leave a slightly visible stain.Carefully remove the rod with a sharp prick and you should be fine.


Finally it's back on Amazon at a reasonable price! These things make perfect cases for individual 18650 batteries. £1.47 is a bargain, sturdy and waterproof. They're about a fiver elsewhere, which I'm not prepared to pay!


These work perfectly for the intended purpose.They also work very well as waterproof storage for anything that will fit in them. I use them for medications and am very pleased with them for that application.


Wysi Wipes and this Coghlan's match box work great together, super light weight. This will transform taking a dump in the woods for ultra light backpackers, love it :D


Good kit, but will not hold some of the longer storm or waterproof matches. Has a striking strip on the bottom, which I have not attempted to use. Good dry storage.


Once again, not used for the intended purpose, these make great mini geocaches. Yes, the color is bright, so we spray with outdoor paint. they're waterproof, too.


Came as expected, fairly sturdy plastic container to keep matched dry. Would have been nice if a match striker was fixed to case but for the price can't complain


These match cases work perfectly as battery cases for 18650 batteries. I use them to keep a few spare batteries around fully charged on a camping trip.


Brilliant as emergency fire kit (spark wheel, tinder, matches).Strong, lightweight, waterproof, striker on bottom. Great VFM


I love this little matchbox I use it for those little emergency towel tablets many uses besides just matches.


I purchased this to store Wysi Wipes. compressed paper towels, they fit perfectly. Great for backpacking.
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