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Love these things to help me save some weight on trips. I can buy larger, more economical bottles of liquids and then fill these smaller tote bottles up for my camping trips. I usually fill a 2 oz bottle with picaridin insect repellent, a 2 oz bottle with olive oil, and a 1 oz bottle with biodegradable Camp Suds. I also use the small pill jars for Portable Aqua water purifying tablets as well as my allergy pills. I keep myself organized by labeling each container with a label from a Brother labelmaker.The labels adhere well and do not come off easily (have to peel them off if they are properly stuck on).The containers have taken a beating and not become broken or misshapen. Cleaning is easy in a dishwasher and then can fill with a different liquid without fear of contamination. I have also used the 1 oz & 2 oz bottles for air travel, and have not had any issues with a TSA inspection.Great product - highly recommend & will buy more when the need arises.
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Exactly what I was looking for.Price was right.You have to remember to leave a small air gap when using liquids and squeeze the bottle slightly to eliminate the air when you close the lid when packing. Then changes in air pressure will not affect the liquid in the bottle. When flying this is important if you carry liquid and don't want air pressure cause the liquid to come out of the bottle.I once had a red wine bottle from Italy come uncorked in my luggage from air pressure difference and had rather stained clothes,which is the old reason I mention the air pressure thing. These bottles worked for all my personal bathroom cleaning stuff while flying, and I even keep instant coffee stored in 1 in my car just in case of coffee emergencies..
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Bought these because I hate going out to eat and not being able to get simple things like salt, pepper and condiments except in the little packets that never tear right and either dump entire contents in one spot or won't let anything out. I like Tabasco Siracha on my eggs, but no restaurant offers it so now I have my own supply. I have salt and pepper that I can easily apply to my satisfaction and don't have to mess with the stupid paper packets. Those nice places that actually give you real salt and pepper shakers,I keep my put away, buy I always have my Siracha handy.
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Bottles are small and easy to carry. Lids are interchangeable so you can have a fixed lid or a flip top. Flip top does not leak. I buy hand sanitizer in bigger bottles then pump it into these to carry with me. Just right for a day trip in the city or out on the trail. Bottles are soft plastic, but durable. Have used these for several years with no leaks and no cracks. Also use a few for raw sugar. Small bottles hold 2 tsp of sugar - just enough for a cup of hot tea on the trail.


These little bottles are wonderful! I use them for soap, body wash, astringent, etc. for traveling. I love that they are BPA-free and food grade. Other BPA-options are way more expensive. I have bought 2 packs of these so far. The only down side is that there are only 2 bottle tops with spouts. I wish there were more. But for the price, these bottles are wonderful. They do not claim to be leak-proof, but I have tested them and can assure you that they are!


I needed a few small bottles to hold liquids, but so many other listings had far too many bottles or were pricier for just one or two. This set is a great price and the quality is decent. They haven't leaked but I will say that they feel thinner than something you'd find in craft stores. While I love the bottles, I don't care for the polycon containers. The hinges on both containers feel so flimsy that I feel like they'd just break after a few uses.


Bought this for the flat rounds to store butter for camping. Works great.Nice variety of sizes come in handy. The small bottles work well for soaps and other liquids. Tested and they don't leak.Important Note: The lids with the squeeze spout do not fit well on the smallest bottles. They will leak. You will need to use regular lids on smallest bottles or the next larger bottle for the squeeze lid. A little disappointing.


These bottles are ideal for hiking and tent camping where space and weight of transported items is a concern. These bottles come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for holding things such as spice mixes and condiments, as well as things such as shampoo, shower gel and instant coffee. I've been using these bottles all spring and summer on various trips, and they are still going strong.


Good containers, interchangeable lids are very useful. Great for storing shampoo, soap, vaseline, etc. when on vacation or camping. Since the bottle plastic is very soft (to allow it to be squeezable) the cap will appear crooked on the bottle if you screw it on too tight. This irked me a bit, but leaving the caps on looser has had no ill effect. For the price, they are unbeatable.


I use these bottles to store my mil tec 1 lubricant. Hold great no leaks. My original mil tec 1 8 oz bottle hit the ground from about a 4 ft drop and it cracked the tip (just my luck its happened before) so I decided to buy bottles to transfer when that happens and they work great. I plan on getting more for shampoo/conditioner and body wash for trips to the lake.
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