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as far as i can tell the lamp is pretty robustly made. i would like to see a shield of some sort released that can reflect the light towards the tips of my fishing rods, rather than in the full 360 degree circle. that actually makes it hard to see the very thing the lamp was bought to do. another thing i think is not a good idea but has been done intentionally is the way the lamp is put together. as far as i can tell there is no way of being able to replace the bulb(s). i gather there is a 5 year warranty with each lamp but to have to package the thing up and post it off at my expense for what should be a very simple task of removing any broken bulbs and inserting new ones,it seems a lot like it was done purposefully to give Coast exclusivity. lastly, although i had no difficulty getting the batteries into the lamp, i think it would be a better idea if the 4 batteries were actually put into a sort of cartridge and that was inserted into the lamp. you only need one battery to be a bit awkward and it could take a bit of time to actually get it running.Read full review...
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Love, love, love this thing. It has 460 lumens on high half that on low. Look at how nice looking it is. I mean, I just use it in my kitchen for the cozy light. When I did have a blackout, it was ready, using 4 D cell batteries. Use rechargeables but those Dollar store batts are pretty good. The look is modern and quaint and very solidly made. I think you will enjoy this very much. Very soft milky light, not harsh and all kind of creepy patterns all over the wall with this. PS The price is under 25 on Amazon. Oh, the run time is about 10 hours on high which is bright. Didn't test it on low.


We already had one of these LED lanterns and used it for 2 days when we lost our electric due to Hurricane Erma. It is very bright and very well made. We ordered 2 more of these lanterns for our son and daughter because we were very impressed with them.This LED light also has a blinking red light for emergency or a steady red light.


Great build, feels sturdy. The 4 dimming options are a nice feature and actually use the red light the most as it’s soft on your eyes but illuminates well enough in a course setting. No batteries were inlcuded, and haven’t ran through the batteries yet after a solid 1.5 days of continuous use


we had one of these at a bed and breakfast we stayed at and I had to look it up and buy it. I love this thing - bright lite and lite weight - the hook is a bonus feature - already used hook at night looking under my car hood. good price


This will light up an average sized room when the power goes out. I don't use the safety features but I can see that they would be useful under certai conditions.


Great lantern! Great light in our storm shelter. You can take this on the road, the red flashing light feature is neat for those who would travel with this.


This is a very good, sturdy and bright lantern for the price. Also, their customer support should you need any is awesome.


Got the batteries today, lovely little lantern torch. Got for power cuts. Have ordered the larger one now.


Bought two last year and liked them so much I bought two more. Outstanding quality and functions.


Awesome area light well-built nice and bright and it conserves battery power fairly well.


The emergency light was just what I needed. Perfect and inexpensive.


I ordered this as a gift for an astronomer. He absolutely loves it.


Have two. Great in a power outage or in areas without lighting.


It’s exactly what was needed and are prepared for a black out.
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