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I live on these bars, and they are so delicious I often have to stop myself eating more than one a day. Any more and this could affect your diet negatively, as they are high in calories. Don't be fooled by the clever marketing, this is not health or diet food. Still, it is great for a meal replacement - I often eat for breakfast. And to take to work for the 3pm slump. Just make sure you are burning enough calories, and that you are willing to pay above and beyond what other protein bars may cost, as they are not cheap.Tasty and I wish they were cheaper / more readily available in UK supermarkets. But Amazon makes life convenient as usual


Delivery was made as estimated and the bars are great tasting. I go hiking up mountain trails and take one of these along with a banana and can skip lunch. They are pretty filling and do give me the needed energy to tackle the trails. I would recommend these to anyone that needs the calories to carry on hiking and the fact that they are chocolate and quite tasty doesn't hurt. I would have given the product 5 stars except that the price is a bit steep for only 6 bars.


Tried this brand after hearing the name from a few fellow runners and cyclists. Found them to be a great snack when out walking or trial running as they're a lightweight alternative to carrying bulkier food items. Each bar is around 260 calories and I find it a substantial source of easily digestible energy along with a banana or energy gel if on a long ride or run over 3 hours. Tastes sweet but with no artificial after taste.


These bars are honestly such a treat. if you've tried this flavour than you know whats up but if you haven't it's something you won't get tired of eating.when i go Tesco or another supermarket just buying 1 or 2 can feel overly expensive but buying in bulk online makes a whole lot more sense and i'd highly recommend if you already like Cliff bars and other items similarly to just order them in bulk it's worth it.


The bars are great - I could eat them without cycling etc, which is good as I have noted the expiry date is only 2 months from delivery, so have been munching away the last couple of days!Amazon - I had expected longer. Not great.Had it not been for the short shelf life, these bars would have received 4 stars and possibly 5 stars on taste alone.


These bars are incredible. I shared these with a couple of people and they all loved them - all minus one bought their own after! Honestly, these bars are game changers and I can't wait to try the other flavours. I wish the cost was cheaper as I would buy them more often, however, I will continue to buy every couple of months.


Great taste and a good alternative to more mainstream and sugar based bars.Well worth thinking of as either an alternative for trips or outdoor excursions as well as just a swap for crisps of chocolate.The only downside possibly is that the packaging is a bit difficult to open meaning its not as easy if you riding a bike.


Not only are these great nutritional value (I plan to use them during hiking, etc), but they also taste very very nice.I ordered the Chocolate Almond Fudge and there are real choc nuggets in there so very pleasing.Only drawback is that the "best before" date is less than 3 months from now...


For me personally the most tasteful and nutritious bars that are available for endurance sports. During cycling I take a small snack every 40 minutes, so I can keep it up for hours in combination with sports drinks. Baking yourself is the only better option, I think. Greeting


The best bar for after a long (15 miles or more or I don't get one!) run, taste great and not full of junk. If you've had other 'sports' bars before and been sickened by the taste, these really are pretty close to something you'd buy in a bakery. The blocks are great too!


Incredibly tasty, bought one on a whim and then ordered four more instantly once I tried it. I think the price is a little steep considering the size of the item and is the only reason I didn't purchase more. I will be trying other flavours soon too!


The husband loves these, he does a lot of sport, biking and running and these are great for him to stick in his back pack for topping up on energy while out and about. And he says they actually taste nice which is novel for these sort of bars!


Great bars.... delicious, nutritious and full of energy... so of course they're sweet, but not cloyingly over-sweet like many supermarket 'energy' bars are. Plus they're full of longer-chain energy so you don't get it all in one big hit.


If you’re cycling over 60 miles in a day, then eating a bite of one of these every 20 mins will keep you going all day. One of these bars should last a couple of hours. They taste great and bundled up here, they are also fantastic value.


Great little bar, taste is fantastic and a good way to get your carbs in during a ride or activity. Only problem is that you need to take on water as you eat it otherwise it's a little craggy. That being said would totally buy again.
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