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have used this lamp for two years for mtb as a helmet lamp, and also on handlebars when commuting, then together with a gvolt80 which has more focused and far-reaching light patternplus:-very compact considering its ample light output-big, bright and floody sweet spot gives great useability.-light is not overly wasted to nearfield, which gives-good battery economy with just one battery cell-gives adequate warning for low charge,and when it finally dies you can put it on again for another 10-15 minutes at least twice:))-batteries are easily changed on the go-spare battery can be used as power bankminus:-spare 3.4 ah batteries are ridiculously expensive-not possible to charge battery with lamp operating-connection for micro-usb on the lamp is fiddly; get a spare charger-mounting foot is a sensitive affair-optional helmet mount allows angulation of the lamp in too big steps
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This now my 2nd one of these as I have various bikes its just nice to have one per bike & not have to change brackets. Its so easy to to use, fantastic light I use them to commute and winter training. It last for ages and provides more than enough light with a great beam spread my only gripe which is a small one is the lead connection is a bit fiddly as it is sunken approx 5mm deep under the rubber gromet which gives it its protection from water ingress, Really like the modes and that it stays on the mode you left it last on....In short a great bit of kit.. Nice one Cateye
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Absolutely satisfied! Product is as expected and as descriped. Very short delivery - save package - good price. Product itself is worth to recommend. There is plenty of light power and battery in relation to the compact body in it. 2h average speed of 31 km / h and the light beam and pattern works downhill ~ 50 km / h. As the sun down I used the 800 lm full power for more than 1 h without any battery complaints. Flashing mode has a good visibility For more than 50km /h on flat road or on uneven roads or trails - another choice with more power might be better.
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I bought this to replace a volt 300 I lost when my bike got stolen. I tend to use on the medium setting for commuting, but the bright setting is fantastic for unlit roads on my exercise loop early in the morning. The beam is wide enough to see where you are going. I don't have any issues with battery life. The flashing options do extend batteries and you can still see where you are going, but I find flashing headlights irritating in the rain and not suitable for riding fast.At some point I will be buying a second one of these to mount on my helmet.
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I bought one of these as a good compromise between size, brightness and battery life. I've been very happy with it. I tend to use it on flashing mode in twilight, the lowest power if there's streetlights and medium or high for downhill or places where I want there to be no doubt about my presence. I need to charge it once every four of five days with this use for an hour or two per night. I've found that if you double press on the button then it will go straight to the brightest mode which ishandy.
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After seeing some of these products at cycle show decided to invest in the 800 and im not disappointed after testing against my cheapie 300 lumen light the cateye volt 800 beam is far superior I went down unlit country lanes and it's bright enough to ride at speed (downhill) and feel confident you can see your way far enough ahead to spot any potholes etc. dimmable functions sufficient for town riding.Hopefully you can see the difference in both lights from photos .


Had this for a year, it is a really good light.I have ridden in pitch black unlit conditions (trail etc) and this lights it up like a car headlight- no issues using in pitch black.In the day and commuting at night I like to run it on the low level continuous beam WITH a flash included. 2 lights in 1 effectively and very visible. But where required I crank it up to full power.Highly recommended and a quality item.


As a 5 yr user of a Volt1200, I bought this one as a second light to carry as second for long rides or on the helmet for curvy trails, or as primary on shorter rides, or to have 2000 lumen when using the videocam. The power is amazing, very close to the 1200 lumen sister. Construction quality is outstanding, like all Cateye products I ever had. Charge is slow, but that is good, quick charges shorten battery life.


I love it & it is a permanent fixture on my handlebars (except for when charging).Ideal for riding on poorly lit roads, it's built very well & projects plenty well enough to see a dark road by.I tend to use it with a Volt 400 Duplex on the helmet and a small rear light for commutes & riding in the dark.Highly recommended for anyone who rides by night in poorly lit areas.


At the moment very satisfied, the light is very clear, white. It is more than enough, at medium power, for btt. It comes with handlebar support with which it stays well held and does not vibrate. It remains only to see the durability, of the light and also of the support. At the moment a month with her and everything perfect.
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