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This light is really powerful and perfect for the winter school runs for both my son and I. It's extremely bright even after dark, light stretching way down the street, but I suppose its brightness in lighter conditions is what's most impressive as cheap lights don't make a difference at all.The rubber band fastening that wraps round the handle bars is easy to fix, like a hook and eye however it is very fiddly to attach the light to the band. Fortunately for my son, he can detach the whole thing easily,leaving the light on the rubber band do this is not at issue. However, my light had to be fitted to my basket, so the rubber band feeds through a small hole in the wicker and cannot be easily taken on and off, so I have to battle with the fiddly force needed to reattach the light to the band every time I lock my bike in a public place. I've attached a photo of my light without the band attached, and my son's with, to try and show what I mean. Also pictured is my basket with the band attached to show removal of just the light and not the fixture.I don't find the battery life too great, the red warning light comes on after perhaps 2 days of doing the school run, so 30mins or so - it doesn't tend to last the 5 days of school runs. But I do run it on full beam (there are two brightness settings), and I suppose regular charging is the sacrifice to make for such a bright efficient light.
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Good brightness, plenty for commuting. I find it a little awkward to access flashing mode when I'm in the saddle as it requires a quick double-press of the button.Battery life is okay - using it about 2.5 hours a week, mostly on dim or flashing mode, I'm recharging every 2-3 weeks. The operating button glows red when it's getting low in charge - a very useful function. The charging lead can be a little fiddly to fit if you don't pay attention (i.e.put your glasses on!).The light is secured by a rubber strap which fits around the bar - no adaption needed for different bar sizes. The fitting isn't rock solid, it's not difficult to push the light out of alignment, but also not difficult to realign it. When I first fitted the light I found it was slipping around the bar over time with the vibration whilst cycling, but seemed to have remedied itself now.I might get another one!
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Had a Volt 100 which got stolen so this was a natural replacement. Good bright light, and hard to miss when flashing. Not sure about the double press for flashing button operation - doesn't always work, and returned the first one I had as faulty. I think this one is better but it's still less than perfect. I'm not keen on the mounting either - always ends up swivelling and it would be nice to be able to lock it in place. But a good bright light that meets my needs.


This would be okay as a second or back up light for night riding. The light isn’t really bright enough to light your way on unlit roads. Also disappointing is how short the battery life is. I ended up shelling out for the 1100AMPP. I will keep this as a second headlight in flashing mode, and in the summer I’ll keep it in my saddle bag as an emergency light.


Durable, simple, powerful and compact. If you're looking for a light that is easy to Mount but small enough to go in the pocket for also can been on to the floor or in really dark situations where there's no street lights. This is it!Cateye also sells replacement parts such as the mount if it does snap which is a bonus.


This light and the one hundred volt used daily fir commuting in the dark mornings and evenings. Can be easily seen and the catEye easily charged. Although I was reminded that bike lights on flicker mode and trigger photosensitive epilepsy so don’t overuse this mode.


High beam, low beam, sit on the Matt black bracket, with rubber band. It us powered, easy to take off when leaving the bike, used as a maim light on the road. Mimi blink light to let them know I’m somewhere behind them. A very nice bike light..


light is simple to use and bright enough on urban roads. Found a lityle awkward to mount on handlebars initially but after a few uses you get the knack. Overall a well priced good commuting light.


Light is fine, however, the rubber fitting band is prone to slipping, light ends up pointing at the floor a little bit too often.


Quick to charge and a bright light . Really like the flash mode that makes you very visible to drivers .
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