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I have used this stove on both camping and hiking expeditions.It is brilliant. It is very lightweight and folds into a small plastic case which fits easily into any pack. The only decision is what size gas canister to use with it. Although bulky I have found that the larger CV 740 lends some much needed stability and if level and careful will have a kettle boiled and dinner cooked within about 4 minutes. Previously a CV740 has lasted me two trips,cooking at night and making tea for two in the morning. Neat features are the vanes which fold but do ensure you have these level when using. I have purchased a cheap plastic lightweight thin chopping board from poundland which I will sit the stove on for cooking again better stability.The auto ignition is a god send that does away with wind and lighter issues. If I am off camping in the car I will always take my flat case camping stove system. But if hiking this cannot be beaten!Addition - Be warned the company advertise a delivery date but then provide tracking update that shows the item may be delivered 4 days later than specified. My original estimate was for delivery between the 4th - 6th April. When update sent it says 6th-10th April. This is lousy as my son begins his expedition on Sunday 8th and if the boots have not arrived we have wasted a lot of money. Shame on you FishTech! I have dropped a star for this shoddy management.
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Bought this for wild camping. Brilliant improvement of the stoves from yesteryear. It takes the 'click in' Camping Gaz canisters and can take different sizes which is great depending on whether it is being carried in a rucksac, on a bike or in the car. I love the piezo electric ignition. It was so easy to set up camp in the dusk and turn on the stove without having to fumble around for matches or battle against the wind. Its vanes fold away and it packs into a white plastic case which is quite small and packs easily into a rucksac. You can disconnect the canister and carry that separately so it makes packing for backpacking very easy. So far no problems with it and an excellent product.


The only issue I had with this was when attaching the canister, there didn't seem to be any indication that it was connected properly. The paperwork says there is a 'click' but there was none that I noticed.Using it is very simple and it performed superbly. You do have to make sure it is on level, solid ground before use, maybe it would be worth buying a stability attachment for it, like this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Primus-721171-Cartridge-Footrest--/dp/B000XYQZJ8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1371695321&sr=8-2&keywords=camping+stove+feet


Fantastic product! Having lent my previous one to a family member for D of E, I decided to buy another for myself. Boils water more quickly than other stoves and the piezo ignition means you don't have to worry about matches. Can't fault the build quality, very sturdy and exceptionally easy to connect to the gas canisters (nb, you need to buy your gas separately!) plus it folds up and comes with a carrying case. I wouldn't skimp on price for a lesser product, this is well worth the extra few quid!


I found the case was excessively large for my backpacking trip, roughly tripling the space required. As a result I did not take the case with me, and probably because of this the piezo ignition system stopped working on the 3rd night. However we did find my stove worked better than my friends coleman stove, my gas flow was easier to regulate. Note that the gas cannister is not included, perhaps the images could make this clearer?


In recent months we have experienced electrical main power cuts. Being all electric cooking a temporary situation was needed!The Camping Gaz twister stove was that solution. Hot soup, hot water in a few moments for tea/coffee even a small 'fry-up'.The stove did and does the job. A note of caution. If you have a garage or conservatory use the stove in that space, the smell although not strong is contained.


I've used campingaz for years and years and always been very happy with them and this little gas stove is no different. very easy to use, you just push and turn it onto the cartridge and the big control knob is not fiddly to use. We have a Campingaz party grillwhich works off the cylinder and wanted a second smaller stove for short overnight trips, this is just the job.


This is a great little unit, light weight and very, very neat when packed away in its plastic case. It has its own ignition source so no need to have matches/lighter with you.Combined with the CV300 cylinder purchesed on this site but elsewhere, this makes an excellent cooker for the hiker etc.Great product and great price, promptly delivered with no fuss.


Very good..I had the original one 20 years ago. This has just been improved on. Mainly that you can remove the gas can for easy storage ie cycling in panniers. It comes in a plastic case which should protect it well too. The push button start works really well too. Great value. Note gas is extra. Got a can from well known bike and car store for£3.99


Great bit of kit needs wind shieding in high winds as do most small gas stoves.Some reviewers mention them being wobbly.Tips....They don't like too big a pan which can make them too top heavy and above all fit the correct 'PLUS' GAS Canisters.Otherwise they wont click into place and are 'wobbly'. I have two they have never let me down.


ive used the previous incarnation of this for a few years now and had no probs. This newer version is much easier to use, espcially for your `novice` camping friends. Just make sure they dont try to overtighten it when fitting. Its compact, safe and out the way when its in its case. And it works at reasonably low temps in winter.


lightweight , packs away easy and the lighting mechanism works fantastically , all the time , haven't had to use the emergency matches yet :) me and my partner have used this on week long hikes and its been fantastic, granted we heated different food at different points due to being one burner but we shall now buy another .


Bought this stove as i regularly camp, boils water quicker than my "campingcaz camping chef" really is very powerfull and small too, uses quite a bit of gas but does the job well! and has a very handy case for when not in use, to make transporting it even better!


We went camping early in the year and we could not get a fire going because of the dampness of everything. This thing made sure we had hot drinks and food. Well worth the investment all that and the thing is small enough to fit in your jacket pocket - no lie!


Does what it says on the tin. Only 1 problem, I bought the smaller gas cannisters and with a kettle on top the whole thing was unstable. If the wind blew, it all fell over and the grass caught alight. I guess this applies to all these small gas stoves.
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