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Our Daughter, who is a Cadet Flight Sergeant in the ATC, recently did her D of E Silver Qualifier: ------ needed a stove, so we got this for her.She got on great with it, and passed her award..........She has just done her Gold practice, again with her little stove; she got the option of using one of the organising bodies' stoves, but she said " I LIKE MY LITTLE STOVE!"Her Qualifier is in two weeks' time: she still has the CV470 we bought orginally, and we have bought her a CV300 to take 'just in case'.She would certainly recommend this stove to anyone, oh, and by the way, after the expeditions, she said that she's NOT parting with it!It is extremely easy to use,and perfectly safe if you know what you are doing.........geoffreyh8419.*Added later: She passed her qualifier..... and did not need the CV300 after all! Read full review...
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Good value for money. However it did take quite a long time to boil water in comparison with another stove, which only cost about £10 more. But for people who don't camp often and just want a cheap little stove which does the job, this is fine. Very lightweight, packs up small, as I say, takes a long time to boil water, but I found that it has lasted for a week on one small gas cylinder with quite a bit if gas to spare, so good fuel consumption, cooking two meals per day.Even worked reasonably well in gave force winds when reasonably sheltered by my body and backpack. Not bad value, for proper backpacking and wild camping I would personally spend an extra tenner for something with a littlemore power and better boiling time.
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A great stove, but make sure you keep it dry. I stored mine in my kettle to save space in my bag but then it wouldn’t light properly for a while. Then I left it loose in my bag and found it had fallen apart when I needed it.It was easy to screw it back together again but I did find the top loosening off now and then.I guess you just need to pack it away safely, it would have probably been good to keep it in the original box.Apart from that, usage was great. Nice and light and super easy to get going, once stored properly.


For something so small which when the pan support arms are unfolded and it's connected to the gas cylinder it's a worthwhile piece of kit. I bought this in a hurry for my son as an unexpected requirement for a camping trip, and he says everybody wanted to use it. Being able to disconnect it from a part used gas cylinder is a great bonus over the old style camping gaz stoves and cylinders as it means it can be more easily packed into a rucksack without the cylinder attached. Great value.


We're seasoned campers and outdoors types, and for years we've used 'briefcase' style cooking devices. They're fine, but they can be tediously slow. This thing though - wow it's fast! I cooked a whole breakfast for four on it in a single pan, egg, sausage, bacon, the works. It's surprisingly controllable too, from a gentle simmer to a full-on inferno. The only thing I would be wary of is to maybe try and bury the gas canister in the ground a little to help with stability.


I bought the stove 2008 and since then in the employment. Of course, it is a minimalist variant, rather for backpackers than for the sake of self. After I had the cooker also in dustier areas in the employment, are in any case several nozzles blocked. I then immersed it in isopropanol for a few minutes and then allowed to dry well. Since then, he has been working flawlessly again. With a large gas cartridge (CV470 Plus) it keeps for a while and brings good performance.


I live with my wife!she great but moans alot,so I got a shed to stand in and go there when she is on one,and leave her to moan at the cat he don't care,!!! Well I can now go down to the shed ,and use a camping stove to make tea and a bacon sandwich thanks to the campingaz bluet,also got a set of ear plugs so I don't have to listen to the constant drone of my wife happy days,just need a shovel and some lime and a good alibi and a good place to get ride of the body?


This stove is lightweight, compact and efficient. It connects very easily to the compatible Campingaz canisters and I don't have any concerns about the connection between the gas and the burner - it screws on very securely.The stove could be improved with the addition of serrated 'teeth' on the pan support - you have to be careful that you don't knock your kettle or pan, and that it's on a very flat surface.


I've recently used this cooker in cold weather. It's a good cooker but I have given it 4 stars as the gas doesn't cope with cold temperatures very well. Last time may have been around -5 degrees and I had to revert to using hexamine. The gas canister just doesn't function well when that cold. I'm guessing all brands will be the same. Above 0 degrees it's fine.


Perfect small gas stove when out and about camping or simply days out and you want to boil a kettle. Highly recommended it won’t take up much room in your bag. Just remember read the description has has to be purchased separately. I’ve seen a few reviews where people haven’t read this and seem disappointed.


This is a great little cooker that compacts down in a to a box almost the size of a can. It doesn't come with gas but that is easily purchased and works extremely well.One gas can heated food and water for us for 2 weeks and hasn't yet run out.It doesn't work well in the wind but a small barrier will suffice.


This is a useful stove and so small it takes up no room. it is all I take in the way of cooking equipment when i go camping and is more than good enough for most cooking or boiling jobs. The removable cartridge makes it easy to store. well made and comes is a very tough cardboard box with clear instructions.


I think this product has a very good design and is very light weight the valve handle to turn the gas up and down works very well and the four rotating arms to hold my mess tin have just the right amount of space so my mess tin does not fall offIf I had to rate this product I would give it a 10/10


Been carp fishing for 25 years, had many stoves before including fox and all the other top branded fishing companies, I was surprised how much the Argos staff knew about the product and based on their advice I brought this one, have used it several times and it is a great of kit, well done Argos


Awesome little product. It’s sturdier than it looks and can take a larger frying pan comfortably. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great little stove for camping or garden cooking especially in the nice weather. It’s wind proof so doesn’t lose heat when cooking
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