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This is a well designed quality micro Hobo stove made of robust materials (it is stainless steel). I definitely find it more practical with solid alcohol in which case it is even smaller than an Esbit system. Just for warm up purposes, a tea candle fits perfectly.I tried it with wood a few times (and on my video review) and then it is not that easy but manageable. It does demand constant attention though for lack of space to fit your combustible material. And yet despite its tiny size, it can hold a whole pan steadily. It is very stable.You receive it with a nylon pouch which is so small it will fit in a fat wallet indeed. But should you not want to use the pouch there are holes in all the pieces so that you can put them on a cord.It is conceived so as to be usable with a knife that will fit right under it to change its place. The walls of the stove protect your fire from the wind while the decorative holes provide enough oxygen to keep it going. The trivets help you set your pots steadily on it whether on a flat or slope surface.I'm going to try wood pellets, should work fine.Definitely a perfect item for a very compact EDC. Now for a long trek and water disinfection purposes, I would choose the XL also from Bushcraft Essentials because it is a lot easier to use.Disclaimer: I received this stove in exchange for an honest and independent review.
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The wife got me this for Christmas and was rather worried that she had made a mistake, in that when it was delivered in a jiffy bag no bigger than a pack of cards. When I opened this on Christmas day I could not stop laughing as it's a MICRO stove just big enough to sit my Ti mug on, the power of this little thing blew my socks off, it will boil 300 Ml of water in 4 mins which is pretty good going for any stove let alone JetBoil.The wood I use is Fatwood or tinder sticks as these burn hot with a pleasant pine smell as well as Hexy blocks the best to use are Esbit but the cheaper round Hexi blocks work just as well it's just that these a round in shape unlike Esbit that are rectangular and fitthe stove as if they were made for it.The fit and finish are beyond reproach as this is a German stove and you get a set of instructions that work for all sizes of pocket stoves ranging from this size to the Outdoor XL .All in all very well impressed and have ordered the Pocket version as well which is more in size wise to my Emberlit Ti which I use almost daily, roll on the office cookout, just watch for your desk being singed as these do get warm underneath enough to singe grass, so I've used an old plumbers mat and cut it to size..Happy cooking
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It has arrived and despite knowing the size - I was surprised at how small it packs down to. Fits straight into pouch for EDC. Anyway - it is not a gimmick and is a real stove. Made of steel, it is tough and will hold a canteen cup on the cross stove top. My only gripe - if it is one - is seeing how small and simple it is - the price for it seems a bit too dear for the materials involved. A price < £5.00 would seem more appropriate. I would definitely like to buy a few more now - but will wait to see if the price can fall a bit, as the wood gas burners all did. It is real - and suitable to have at any time as it will not take up any space in your kit. Recommended item :-)


It may be dinky a little stove but it is easy to assemble and simple to use.The build quality is fantastic and the attention to detail by the designer is ace - the ability to link all items onto a small caribena is very useful.The stove is designed to be used either a wood burner or a solid fuel (esbit tablet) stove, although you can also use a small alcohol burner in there too. Practically the stove works best with a solid fuel tablet as in wood burning mode it does require constant feeding with small bits of wood. The only way to do this, is to use something like a pair of pliers unless you have fireproof fingers.


I am impressed with the design of the stove and having knocked together a few hobo stoves now I am looking forward to a proper micro stove. Easy to put together and not really hard to take apart. Build quality is good and the pouch is great as well.My only issue is that the stove arrived with quite a lot of scratches a dinks. I emailed them and got a prompt reply offering a replacement. I didn't take them up on the offer because I want to use it soon. All in all a very good experience that was resolved quickly.Actually can't wait to make my first cup of tea with it!


We spend a lot of time in the hills of the Highlands of Scotland. Mostly on short trips. I was looking for a small cooker to take with me "just in case". This fits the bill perfectly, and will probably be used more than that.Made from 16 gauge (1mm thick) stainless steel this stove is made to a high standard. It fits together easily, and has no sharp edges left from cutting it out. Every piece has a hole you can put a cord through to keep them together, you can even hang them around your neck.Highly recommended.


Surprisingly effective micro stove. Due to its small size, works better with hexamine or esbit tablets than wood. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Fits in my fire kit pouch, along with flint and steel. Can bring a 750ml kettle full of water to a boil, or cook a fry up on a 6 inch cast iron pan pretty easily. Good for EDC and back up use, but I carry a larger wood burner, such as a Honey Stove Ti or Folding firebox when backpacking. Can be used with tea candles as an improvised camp lantern.


Really well made micro stove. Made in Germany so the engineering is good. A nice tight fit, and I know we all like that. Good quality materials. The stove seems expensive compared to the Chinese copies, but at least you know that this won't be constructed from some monkey metal. This company make a range of stoves in different sizes, so worth a look, but this is very small and tucks away inside even the smallest of camping mugs. Mine came in a good quality pocket, which I assume is Cordura.


Soooo small that you'll think it's a toy. My wife did.The bag it comes in is foldable so it is smaller than a credit card. We tested it this weekend with an Esbit tablet and it worked perfectly (had to break the tablet up a bit though). It brought the water to a rolling broil in no time and was cool enough to dismantle minutes after the flames were out.It now looks tarnished and battle hardened but was back in the EDC pouch withing minutes, ready for another day.Read the title


A great little tool. Well machined, simple to assemble and so small. I was initially quite skeptical about its capability given the size. Popped a mess tin on top of it with one single cube of Esbit solid fuel.... Water to the boil in 7 minutes on the one cube which was more than enough for a cuppa.Keep one in my work bag alongside two fuel tablets. One to make a brew, one to heat a tin of soup or ready meal kit.


This Bush craft Pocket Micro Stove is very nicely made,Couldn't find a burner for Meths use instead of twigs,until I found this! scroll down its Ultra Light 8gm Stove[...]you can remove the top piece of the bush-craft stove to get closer to flame,will be testing, sizes look good, height of 8gm stove can be improvised.use together or separately.


This is an unbelievable little item, easier to carry than the Hexy stove, mine is on a key ring. I can assemble mine in 30 seconds in the dark...(I have been practicing :D ) was unsure as was a bit pricey...but soon forgot the price once I was playing with it


Quite small but does the job very well. It's made from stainless steel which is strong, easy to assemble and well finished so there are no sharp edges. It's not designed to cook a meal but to boil a cup of water for a brew it's fine.


Good bit of kit for the size. Works well with hex blocks, eco firelighters made from sawdust and paraffin wax, and also with bushbuddies made from tealights. There is room in the puch for 8 x 4g esbit blocks.


I use this with coghlan fuel tablets..1 tablet makes 250ml of water hot enough for coffee/soup/noodles etc...in my ultralight set up always as an emergency go to
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