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This little Hobo Stove is indeed ultralight. Now, ultralight is one thing that makes it perfect for a compact EDC or a hunting trip or a day hiking but one might wonder wether it really works. And the simple answer to this question is : yes, it DOES!Of course, this doesn't have the work power of a bigger stove but it still works fine, uses very little biomass, still works with what you can gather around your position (so you don't necessarily have to pack solid alcohol), will help your Trianga system by protecting the flame from the wind, and is no bother to put up. All this adding minimal weight to your backpack and offering little additional bother to a compact EDC (which is exactly what I'll use this for).Another question is: is it easy to put up,start a fire with it? And the answer is : Again, yes. You won't have to be a mastermind in puzzle resolution to do this. It takes about a minute to put all the pieces together. The pack is composed of 5 metal pieces in a cotton protection sleeve. Now there are a few nice accessories that can be added like a stronger protection sleeve or an ash-tray collector (which will make using solid alcohol easier).The triangular design makes it fairly stable even with a larger pot. The size though is perfect for a camping personal pot as you can see from the video. I chose wood as a fuel because it is the hardest to use on this but it proved pretty easy even with a bit of wind (as you can hear from the beginning of the video). You can choose to use either the top piece or the dents to put your pot on, depending on the size. I needed very little fuel to boil a cup of water and using little biomass is the main purpose of these little stoves. Also add the ashtray collector piece and it becomes isolated from the ground and therefore safer to use everywhere.After use, the stainless steel sides will hold their curved form a little because of the heat. I didn't bother gettting them back into their original form, still works fine.The decoration holes on the sides provide oxygen to the fire and protect it enough to not extinguish your starting flame. As you can see from the video, combustion is very complete despite the size.Overall, I was very impressed by this little stove. If you're looking for something that is very compact but still want to use biomass that you can find in your surroundings and not carry solid alcohol, then this is your choice away from an Ezbit or Trangia.I mean these are nice choices but less versatile.Now if you want more power, I suggest you consider the Bushbox XL also from this maker. Like this one, it has a very well thought and sturdy design and you can't go wrong. This model is ultra lightweight, the other one not so but a real workhorse.
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Absolute no brainer to purchase this with the optional ash tray and grill plate.Works great as a hobo stove and I have used nothing but wood with just as good results as gas or liquid fuel stoves, cooking in approximately the same times. I have also found that the shape of the stove if used appropriately with the wind will also produce great ventilation in almost a vortex. The optional grill plate works a treat for grilling meats and I have used to make toast as well. Cleans up nice too.The triangular design makes for a very stable platform on uneven ground. Very intuitive to put together and very sturdy construction made of stainless steel.Even easier to take apart and store in it's bespoke drawstring bag included and packs very thin.Top notch innovative design, very impressive..Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed.
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The design is not a novelty, but those guys have implemented it with good materials and engineering.Can only echo that is a no-brainer wonder. Simple, there's nothing that can break, takes seconds to be put together, stable due to the 3 points top&bottom resting points, lightweight (63gr), and it packs the size of a small envelope.What's not to like?Yes, using with Esbit tends to get sooth, easy to clean with a coarse sponge. Using wood gives it a nice blue-shade :-)Btw, after a few uses the sides tend to keep a little curved shape; this does not give any problem during assembly or use, may take a few more mm when packing.One of the best buys, a staple in my kit


This is an AMAZINGLY lightweight windshield-and-stove-in-one for my meths burner. I put it together in seconds. Some people have complained about there being no instructions on how to do this. My 5 year old son worked it out on his own so what does that say about the complainants? Also, there have been complaints about how thin the metal is and the potential for it cutting your skin. Come on! A bit of common sense on how you hold it and there's no safety issue. Honestly, I do wonder about some people's ability.All in all, this is a brilliantly designed product which I love cooking on. Can you get a lighter, more compact stove?


I really like this little stove. It's (unsurprisingly) extremely light but feels strong when assembled. It does take a little while to get the hang of the assembly, and I can see that might be a problem for some. I've used it so far with hexi and a Trangia burner to make brews in a 750ml titanium mug. I set up a little ali foil windshield too and it worked very well, a nice compact set-up, and just what I had been looking for. I'd recommend it.


a great little wood burning stove which you can either use a meths burner or gel or solid fuel i think the ideal post size is either 650mil or 750 mil or 1350 mil also it is very light in weight


Great little stove and it takes up no room, i keep mine in my canteen pouch with my osprey crusader bottle and mug. ive got everything i need to make a brew n one place.


Such a great piece of kit, so light an folds flat into its own little pouch , I use it all the time with my trangia stove no more carrying around gas stoves anymore


Very happy with this product. It does what you expect. It's small and lightweight.


Awesome little lightweight stove. Exactly what I needed!


Ridiculously light - great product!


great quality stove


Fantastic item!
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