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Ok I've previously posted a favorable review on xplode 3.0 which is apparently different from this one ! Well I don't really see the difference myself , which in this case is a great thing . I think you may experience slightly more tingling! , a result of more beta alanine or something I don't know.Loved this product and results. Great focus allows you to channel you strength without too much of those preworkout jitters. I've taken this after a 12 hour night shift and still had incredible results .just monstrous results. Great for pump chasers


Cherry Lime flavour is a must! It's like drinking a sherbet sweet, with a cherry bakewell smell. It's nice to have a pre with this unique taste combination compared to the usual Blue Raz. As for energy, pump etc - this blows your mind! Gives you the shakes and the tingles...and doesn't make you crash and burn after the first 30/60 mins.For the price, you can't go wrong with this! Works great for serious gym goers looking to build muscle or have bundles of energy! Thanks BSN


After trying a different pre each time for the past few months, I think this is the winner for me. I get no jitters and no crash, but I definitely focus more and feel more up for it. Beta alanine tingles are still present which makes me mentally prepare, almost like a placebo. As someone with anxiety that takes medication, I personally, have not had negative side effects. That's just me though. I would suggest trying a little yourself first. Well decent pre workout.


At first when I opened it the smell was really weird, but once you put it in water it get's normal and smells like what you would expect from a green apple drink. I'm not too much into good tasting supplements as it's a supplement not a normal drink, but the flavor is pretty good and accurate, not too sweet. In terms of performance, really really good, I think the mental boost parts is done way better than C4, and compared to that the price is amazing.


I used to be a fan of the original Jacked 3D as it always did the business so it was very hard for other pre workouts to match it, this isn't like Jacked 3D but it comes pretty close, you get a good focus while training and I would say to drink it at least half an hour before your workout as it does take a while to kick in but obviously it may be different for everyone. I do recommend it!


Great product, though Cherry lime might not be as nice as I was hoping it to be. Really great with giving the energy boost for your workout so with that in mind I will give it a 4 star rating. On a personal note, I seem to be getting an itchy face and arms shortly after drinking it, but that’s probably me having a reaction and not the product being bad.


Love the flavour of this product takes like a fizzy cola bottle sweet , started off with half a scoop and didn't see huge difference in my energy levels but increased to 1 scoop and definitely find it gives me more energy. I take around 30mins before working out as instructed . Impressed so far and would order again.


NoXlode XE is better than C4 in terms of energy and the intensity of the energy and lasts a good 90 minutes. The focus and energy is equal to Jackd3D but dosent give as good a pump as others. I can take one scoop of this whereas I have 2 of C4 and I've used PWO for a long time.


HOLY S*#! Took a scoop of this before driving to gym as I let time for it to kick in. Got to the end of my road and bam! I was absolutely bouncing in my car tingling all over. Got to the gym, shaking like i’d done speed. Straight to the bench and had the best workout ever.


Defo can feel the energy... helps me get through to last reps even when Im not feeling it.... .would usually use NOX or c4 but this looks set to be my go to pre-workout.Cherry Lime tastes great. Nice change from Fruiit Punch / Blue Raz


Wouldnt reccomend cherry lime, very sour/sickly flavour. But certianly does the trick! Great pump and gets the heart rate up along with a serious sweat! And no creatine so perfect for when youre dropping weight but wanna get a sick pump


This preworkout is very good. Works very quick. Only problem is it does not last long. I purchase one every 3-4 weeks.The last one I received had an open seal and the powder was very moist and clumped together.


Great product, give massive amounts of energy and pump in the gym. The only issue is cherry and lime is not the best flavour combo (but that's my opinion, someone else may like it)


excellent to get extra energy required for lifts. easy to mix. like most supplements tastes horrible, but worth it as only have to down 200ml and no bad after taste.


Really like the whole no explode series. Can't fault there stuff and have tried the lot. This one says what it does on the bottle. Keep up the good work
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