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I started using Creatine for the first time Age 37 and I am now easily getting 50% more out of my workouts and BJJ ! I am very impressed by the results. For referance my workout goes as follows-Monday heavy bag and HIT for 1 hrTuesdays Judo and BJJ 2hrsThursdays BJJ for 2hrsFridays Heavy bag and HIT for 1 hr(I also supplement Protein with Whey BSN Syntha-6) I not only felt a big change in my endurance but also in my energy levels, muscle aches have become a thing of the past.Here is a full list of changes.Easier to get up in the morningImproved moodMore energyMore muscular endurance30-50% more from workoutsNo aches and pains after working outConsMake sure you get your 2 ltrs of water otherwise you feel a little dried out, espessially during the first 2 weeks.
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Oddly the description doesn't mention that it's micronized anywhere on the packaging despite that being a selling point, yet it's the finest micronized creatine I've witnessed in 20 years. You get a little bit less than USN brand, but the quality more than makes up for it. I seem to respond much better with micronized, so I figure the more micronized the better. Recommended.


So far have felt much more energetic during my heavy lifting sessions. The only thing holding back a 5 star review is that it doesn't readily dissolve into the squash I take it with, but that's not a massive issue to me. Will definitely order again.


Great add on as part of my supplement intake. Doesn’t change the taste of my protein shakes or recovery waters. Just what I was looking for after loads of research this was the best I could find for value and product


F*****g awesome! I'm new to creatine. My mate recommended this brand and it's very good! 50% increase in weight I could lift in around 2 weeks of using. Now I need to buy more! It's addictive! 100% recommend!


i dont eat red meat on a regular basis , so this product is a good substitute , although you only get 3 grams per serving , in which it goes fast... i give it 4 stars


My creatine come but was in rocks told protinewarehouse about this problem he apologised an offered replace very helpful would recommend them it is speedy delivery to


Good quality creatine.Brother uses it while he trains. Has been for about a year. Stick to this brand and had no problems.Says it taste okay and is bearable.


Unflavoured but mixes well in a glass of water. Take first thing in the morning without food to ensure good absorbtion.


Still in testing phase but can't really complain when you look at price all came super quick as well !! Worth a try
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