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Although this product may seem a little expensive - I really believe that its worth it in terms of quality ingredients and amazing taste!This protein rich snack is perfect after the gym or for a healthy snack on the go. The ingredients are much better than some of the protein bars in shops which are filled with cheap sweeteners and ingredients that I've never heard of!The coconut and macadamia flavour is absolutely mouth-watering and the texture of the ball is quite pleasantly dense, I feel really satisfied and energised after eating one of these.


Yum yum is all I really need to say about these coconut and macadamia Bounce Balls, really love them and I find they are as yummy as any treat. Some people don't like the coconut as they think it is dessicated but I don't think it is as it doesn't taste like it has been dried, as far as I can make out all the ingredients are raw and fresh, these are definitely my favourite Bounce Balls and I generally have one a day as great for a snack, they keep you going and are healthy with decent protein and not too carby. Bounce have a customer for life in me!


These Bounce Balls are so handy to carry around in handbag/stash in desk for energy slumps.Each one is super-filling due to the high protein content - for this reason, I'd recommend avoiding them at elevenses if you want to have any kind of an appetite at lunch.This particular flavour (Coconut and Macadamia) is very palatable, although I would agree with other reviewers that it's not quite on the same level as the Peanut/Almond varieties. Much better than the fudge-walnut kind though!


These are really tasty - and make a good afternoon snack, but at 40g with only 9g of protein there are other protein bars that will provide more protein for their "punch". Also they contain 8g of sugar so are not "diabetic" friendly. They are very tasty reminding me of Macaroon bars from Scotland as a child.


Personally I love this product, great taste, love the texture and that added bonus it is actually very filling for such a little snack.I will be having many more of these, post morning workout, afternoon snack, and to suppress my general naughty cavings!


Tasty and relatively healthy - better price than some other shops, and conveniently wrapped and delivered. Get a bit sickly after a while, but nice now and again for a meal replacement or post-gym snack


Tried for the first time and loved it. A great tasting,nutritious and quality product. Value for money. Delivery as stated and in good condition. Would definately recommend to friends and family.


I love bounce balls post workout for a quick snack - trued this flavour out as i hadn't seen it before, OK, but will not become a favourite - but may suit others. Service / delivery was great.


Just love this product as a snack alternative and to increase my protein intake a day. Because it is so sweet it replaces the urge to eat chocolate. Definitely ordering again.


Great alternative to choccies or biscuits when you reach the 4°'clock blood sugar dip. Nice lemony flavour and fills you up to keep you going till dinner.


I was surprised at how much I liked these. Lovely coconut flavour to them. Great snack or handy to have around if I miss a meal. Will keep buying these.


Delicious and great as part of a slimming and healthy diet as really keep you full. Eat very slowly as this makes you feel fuller. Very happy


Fast delivery and I felt they helped my exercise workouts. These were bought for my son who works out regularly and he also feels they help.


One of my favourite flavours of bounce protein balls. Not too sweet but still delicious and good in terms of nutritional value.


it's a favourite, any time of day or night just fills a little gap, all the protien you need in a little mouthful
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