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First of all, this lantern is small; it's about the same size as a soda can when it's fully compact. At first, I was worried that it wouldn't have enough punch, but I was completely wrong. At full power, the lantern was enough to light up our picnic table area, or our fire area, (but not both at the same time). When placed at the top of our tent, using the lantern + the flashlight at the same time, it illuminated the entire tent incredibly well. Dimming the lantern down to the lowest power served as a great night light for sleeping. If this product was just a lantern (and not a flash light), it wouldn't be as effective, because the lantern isn't useful for lighting up a trail at night.That's where the flashlight really comes in handy. When I go camping again, I'll be purchasing a second one of these for sure, even though one still worked out well. Also, after three days of pretty heavy use, the low battery light had just come on. You won't be disappointed!
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I've already used this on multiple camping trips and several power outages. I even use this to take the dog out back at night sometimes. The flashlight is not the brightest, rating at 50 lumens, but it's a great spotlight for reading in a tent. Both the lantern and flashlight are dimmable and can even be turned on at the same time. It packs up smaller than a soda can and the double hooks on top make it able to hang from almost anything you can find. If you pair it with a good headlamp, you'll have all the lighting you need on a backpacking trip.


I use this lantern often and it lasts for a surprising length of time before draining the batteries. If you are going to use it regularly I highly recommend rechargeable batteries. I especially like that the weight is distributed toward the bottom, and the bottom is has a lot of friction, making it less likely to fall over. It also packs very small, making a great lantern for backpacking/camping.


Great small emergency or camping lantern. Has both wide area coverage and a smaller led for lighting directly below the lantern when hung in a tent or cabin. Can also be used as a night light when on low power. It will last for weeks on low power with one set of 4 AA batteries. Lens retracts over the switch when folded for travel. Light cannot be accidently turned on.


I really like how compact, yet powerful this latern is. I’ve had many camping lights over the years and this is by far the best. It’s a very simple design. It’s perfect for backpacking. The clip on the top makes it easy to hang, particularly inside your time. The dim feature is also useful to maintaining battery life or when you just don’t need a lot of light.


A great little lantern that keeps a family sized tent with enough warm light to be sociable. The torch feature is a bonus, though not as useful as a head torch. Last outing was to camp in a huge cave. Enough light to cook by and allow four sleeping bagged adults to see each other and be sociable.


I used this on a recent camping trip. It has a really nice quality of light when compared to others I've had before. I like how you can have it as bright or dim as you like. I did not need to change the batteries at all. It's good that when it is closed the on/off button cannot be pressed.


The has to be one of smallest backpacking lanterns I've come across. It runs on four AA batteries. It has numerous combinations of flashlight and lantern beams plus dimming. It is very bright at full beam. If UltraLite backpacking is your game this could be an ideal lantern for your pack.


I gave this as a gift to a friend who enjoys camping. He has given it very good marks. Says it is very bright and comes in handy on his trips to the woods. Easy to manage because of its compact size....


Well made and I love that it is dimmable.Only one button (but very intuitive)-one button taps = on/off-two button taps = alternate between flashlight and lantern-press and hold = dims the light


I purchased this item for my 11 yr old son for Boy Scouts and he loves it. Lightweight, compact and produces a good light. Good for both pack packing and general car camping.


Nice little lantern. It's only been out on two camping trips but it's a nice little lantern. Smaller than I expected - when compacted it's about the width of my palm.


Compact, lightweight, uses 4-AA batteries. Easy to use as lantern or flashlight. Great light for camping and bright enough for indoor night use. Highly recommend.


Strong ambient lighting, more than sufficient. Good dimming ability. Durable and hangable anywhere. Good battery life. Doubles as a flashlight. Perfect!


Really like this light. Compact and multi-function. Switch is a bit bothersome and not readily accessible, without raising the globe, but works.
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