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Unlike the other ones, this doesn't make me sick because it is lactose free. It's also a bonus that it uses artificial sweeteners. I will say that the first time you drink the coffee one, it will taste a bit more like coconut but you will get used to it quickly. The coffee flavour limits my choices with milk shakes, but it's perfect if you want to add some instant coffee to boost the flavour and give you some energy.It's about time to reorder and I need to try out another flavour. By the way, when you first open it, it will only be half full. I don't know why they dont use a smaller bottle but ah well.Edit: The chocolate is way better.I never got it thinking it was overrated but I could drink that as a dessert.
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Tried this brand and flavor for the first time and I am not disappointed! Since I am lactose intolerant, I try to steer clear of many whey protein products as they can leave me bloated. So, when I discovered this iso protein powder, I knew I had to try it. Since I normally get chocolate or vanilla flavored powders, I figured I'd branch out and try a different sweet flavor. Cookies & cream was a great choice for sure! Definitely a little too sweet by itself in almond milk with my Blender bottle. However, it's amazing mixed in as a smoothie or overnight oats. Craves my sweet tooth for sure. I'll definitely be buying this protein powder again and am excited to try some of the other flavors.


I was expecting a different taste- BUT OMG. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Being lactose intolerant I was abit sceptical as certain products will be dairy free but will still give you gas. No issues with this product. I use it with my bullet and Lactose free milk. When at home I blend my fruits and spinach with it for an extra boost. It really takes the hunger away, I drink it for lunch at work + healthy snacks and I'm good until I get home for dinner. I'm glad I've managed to stick with the healthy lifestyle change and this product has definitely been a great source of protein.My only issue is why such a BIG container? It's literally half full.


Having to cut out gluten and lactose out of my diet has had me feeling lost. After trying vegan protein, despite their claims of a great taste they were inedible. I was recommended this, so I gave it a go and it is safe to say I will never look back. Only two serving a day to get your daily dose. The only downside is, the small 500g bags don’t come with a scoop, I had to use a scoop i had with precious protein. As soon as I finish this I will be purchasing the biggest size.Massive recommendation, instead of using water as suggested, use almond or hazelnut milk. Still keeps the calories low but enhances the taste.


Good luck trying to get the lid off and on. Virtually impossible. The manufactures need to do something about this. Taste is ok. Nothing compared to the taste of Allmax proteins, but I gave them up a while back (unsure why) and switched from Scitec and now to this brand. It’s ok, as I expected to be honest as there’s nothing different in what the protein delivers from other ‘top’ brands. It is 86% iso whey, not 87% like it states on this site. It delivers 84 gms of protein per 100gm, so not as much as one or two of the other top brands. But, it is less expensive. Overall, a decent product and does the job.


I am very lactose sensitive and I'm drinking soy protein for years. I took my chances with this shake and I hoped for the best, because it's also pretty expensive. But so is everything lactose free!After trying this shake I can say with 100% certainty; I wouldn't change to any other shake every! Taste is amazing, blends perfectly with lactose free milk. It is so tasty that I can't stop drinking it! Every time I'm craving chocolate I'll make a shake and it doesn't disappoint me at all!Recommended product for lactose intolerant people.


Delivery is brilliant. I have been working up on my training all year building up from 1 day to now 4 days. I'm now starting with supliments and this is my first order. I'm diabetic type 1 and this is the ideal shake for anyone with the same condition. It smells great and tastes good (for a protein shake) I will order this item again. I also will be ordering different flavours then I don't get sick of the same taste haha. I definatly recommend this for all athletes and gym fanatics alike. Excellent product.


I’m lactose intolerant and struggle with normal protein powders with milk based proteins in them. Is this the best tasting shake? No, but it certainly isn’t the worst I’ve tried. Is it quite thin? Yes but it doesn’t give me stomach pains, bloating and make me windy miller. For me the fact this is lactose free outweighs the not so amazing taste (but it’s ok. It’s not bad) and watery consistency.


Abdolutely delicious! The l’arginine really helps as I have circulation issues and this had drastically improved this. Good quality Native sourced protein with an impressive Bcaa profile. Well worth the price. I have already ordered a larger tub! Hopefully the seller keeps this product live as it is not the easiest protein to buy in the UK! A thumbs up from me.


Excellent product which suits my digestive needs. I am intolerant to lactose and had difficulty getting a protein supplement with lactose free ingredients. I have had both coconut and lemon cheesecake flavours which are highly palatable in comparison to the vegan type pea protein supplements you can buy. Cant wait to try some of the other flavours aswell.


This is a Hungarian brand and unfortunately in England the products are cheaper then the producer country. This is one of the best isolate what I have ever tried, great taste, lactose and sugar free and all the flavours have very good smell. You can use it to cook, e.g. protein muffin or make protein ice cream. 5 starts product!


This stuff is the bees knees.For 90+% ISO whey for just over £40 is amazing. Tastes good, mixes well and I have been using this brand for several months now and have made good gains in my chest, arms and back. Sugar and fat free, so ideal for gaining lean muscle and burning fat.An excellent whey for pre and post workout.


Love love love this protein powder it tastes divine. I suffer with IBS and in general whey powders make be bloat, gassy etc and this one is great, my tummy seems to really like it. Mixes well doesn't taste powdery and tastes great when you add other ingredients. For me this is the best one I have tried.


Haven’t tried all the flavours but I do love cookie & cream. This can be blended with water for a less calorific shake and will taste equally as well as with milk. With minimal carbs and high in protein this is my go to protein shake.Try with almond milk, banana and oats!


Great taste (hazelnut) [although some of the other flavours aren't so good] and mixes OK with milk. Not bad value. Personally I prefer Trutein after having tried several dozen brands of trutein. Avoid the pistachio flavour, which tastes strongly artificial and unpleasant.
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