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Quality:It is so silky smooth to scoop out, I have tried a few other supplements in the past and this is by the the nicest and best quality I have had. The taste is amazing, I have the strawberry flavoured one, which I also mix spinach into.Value:For the amount you are recommended to drink a day, the value is great. I would like to drink more of it to be honest, but obviously, I will end up on the toilet a lot more than usual. I have not finished the product yet, and only been using for almost a week. I am starting to feel quite good, and it has easily replaced my Sugar drink and Coffee in the morning.Ease of use:Simple guide lines explain everything on the tub. 300 - 500mm of water/milk,good old shake/blend and away you go, enjoying a very tasty drink that you would never know is a supplement for protein.Overall:I recommend this product so far, it has a great taste, and really does help with your sugar cravings, coffee cravings, (I am awake every morning at 3/4am) this has impressed me.
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Been using it a couple of weeks now and I've lost 10lbs So far. It's not a miracle cure for weight loss you have to stick with it and really try and it will work. Taste wise and consistency it's not thick at all,with water it's terrible tasting. I use soy milk,coconut milk and other milk substitutes as I'm lactose intolerant and they taste fine,it's a weak flavour but out of all 3 I'd say strawberry and chocolate are the best. Vanilla is ok just hardly any taste. They are good if u blend with fruit for extra flavour and nutrition. It doesn't smell pleasant. I find it helps me most for breaskfast as I don't eat breakfast so it's perfect and keeps me going til lunch.I have one good meal a day and 2-3 shakes and a couple of snacks.
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Delivery for this item was fast and well packaged.I have had other brands in the past that have a more intense chocolate flavour. However, the overall taste is nice and helps me with some of my sweet cravings! I like to make it with 50% Milk 50% Water for a better taste. The protein content is GREAT, but I wish it was under 100 calories a scoop as I often use it as a snack! I recommend blitzing a banana with this for a super smooth and filling breakfast option! YUM!


I've been using this for a while now, and whilst it make not be as thick as some other brands I find it much easier to drink, not to synthetic tasting and gives me a great boost in the morning when I'm feeling sluggish. But at same time doesn't leave me wide awake if ever I have no time for dinner and have this, not sure how lol. Use for weight loss and also muscle repair, would highly recommend.


Loved this, just ordering my second one and decided to try the bars too, I find it excellent to have for breakfast and it stops me feeling hungry till lunchtime 1-2pm, it is so easy to mix and delicious tasting. It suits me to have a shake for breakfast as I don't have time to eat and it is good to find something that keeps me full till lunch.


I have enjoyed the strawberry Bio-Synergy Skinny Protein shake and love the chocolate one. Not to be used as a meal substitute, but wonderful as a snack, as well as having the benefit of adding protein to one's diet. I use it at work, when my energies are sapping and it gives me a huge boost, instead of going to the less health snack options.


Just started on these shakes, they taste great, mix well and helping with weight loss already, I was starting to wake up in the night as I'm training for a 10k run since having these it's really helping, great product right ingredients and low sugar fat content so worth the price!


I bought this last wk and have used it for 5days. It has a fish smell but it doesn’t taste of fish but it’s a required taste and very watery if made with water. On the bright side it does fill you up and keep hunger at bay. Delivery was fast and well packaged thanks very


I am not a body builder but do a lot of fitness exercise. I use this as a post exercise drink as & count into my daily calories. It is filling & the strawberry tastes great. It can be mixed with milk (semi skimmed 300ml - 310 calories / with water 162 calories)


For what it is - Its never going to taste like a milkshake but it is easy to drink and does everything it says on the tin.Great value for money.Try with unsweetened Almond milk instead of water as taste smoother.


Taste is not bad and I make with skimmed milk. I lost 6lbs just by having a shake for breakfast my main meal at lunch and a shake for dinner and normal running around after kids was only excercise and all in a week


After using this product for two months now it is quick easy and taste very pleasant as some shakes tastes awful, i would recommend this to anyone thinking of going onto shakes as a supplement..


It's great stuff. It's nice and smooth and tasty even with water. It uses green tea and carnatine which are fat burners. I can see results. I would definitely recommend to anybody.


This is the perfect partner for a healthy lifestyle! Fills you up, gives you an energy boost and supports your exercise regime! Ideal meal replacement too. Great value for money!


A good product that does exactly what it says. Keeps me from snacking inbetween meals and I feel my stomach is not so bloated. Would definitely buy again.
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