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When it comes to air beds/mattresses my opinion is that it is always safer to go with the cheapest price. You can never trust plastic, even if it cost a fortune. That was the main reason I chose this product over the others. The bed came well packed including the valve and a patch, in case you have an accident. The quality of the mattress is pretty much the same with every other air mattress in the 10-30 pound/dollar/euro rage. How long is it going to last? No one knows... But for the occasional use I need it (when I have visitors) I guess it will do the trick.Pros: Definitely the price is the main advantage of this product.It offers you a good value for money.Cons: The size is on the smaller side for a double.
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Very happy with this mattress. Bought it for the empty guest room when a relative came over, and was delighted to find it is more comfortable than my own spring mattress!Not that surprising, considering mine should have been changed years ago, but still good to know you can sleep in perfect comfort at a moment's notice.The support pylons work very well, so you never sink into the mattress, even when laying at the very edges, and sitting on a corner, and after a near month of daily usage, it's not deflating any quicker than when brand new.I'm not sure how well it'd work for other things, like camping, or if it's even meant for that kind of thing, but as an instant bed for an unfurnished room,it's stellar.
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I've always struggled with cheap inflatable beds sinking throughout the night and ending up touching the floor by the morning, but this mattress has been incredibly resilient and only sinks slightly. Having to self-isolate for two weeks meant using this mattress, but fortunately it pulled through. By the end of the fortnight I definitely felt some aching, but at such a low pricepoint, it's really hard to complain.Sadly a mischievous dachshund decided he didn't like the air coming out of the hole as it deflated and decided to bite into the mattress, which (even after a patch) decided to start sinking overnight, but I've already decided to grab another Pavillo. Great value for money.


I have just returned from a three week holiday in China. I love the place, but to my soft British back (and ribs for that matter), a mattress made of solid wood and a bamboo ‘sheet’ doesn’t really agree with me.The Pavillo Air bed was quite the lifesaver. I advise blowing it up with an electronic pump which is quick and easy. Once inflated the airbed is very comfortable, and I slept as soundly as possible what with having two small children. But at least there was no pain involved, and for that I am very thankful.


We just had guests for a week and gave up our room for them. Slept on this airbed 11 nights straight and was fine. After the first couple of nights we put in a bit more air. Hard to tell if it was losing air or if we just decided it needed to be firmer. I did use a nice mattress pad under a fitted sheet to help with the comfort but I think it is pretty good! Hardest part is convincing our six year old not to jump on it. It was easy to fill with a foot bellows pump we bought and deflating it was even easier.


Bought this earlier this year after having many uncomfortable nights on roll mats/inflatable roll mats. The bed is comfy and just fits in my 3 man tent with a little room either side.Overall was impressed by how comfy this is. Takes a while to inflate with my foot pump and goes down slightly in the night but it's expected on an airbed of this size. Overall I am impressed by this bed, good materials.I've shared this airbed with 1 other person and it was a good size to fit both of us.


We bought this mattress whilst waiting for our special order mattress to arrive. I was apprehensive about buying an air mattress, but it's proven a great buy and it's actually super comfortable! We've slept on it for about 3 weeks now and whereas I usually suffer from mild lower back pain I've actually not had any problems on the mattress. Every 3 or so days we have to inflate it again slightly, which is of course normal and to be expected. Overall it's been a great purchase!


We used this airbed on our recent camping trip. We had two adults sleeping on it for a few days and it was very comfortable and sat slightly higher than most fo the airbeds we've used in the past.It inflated in about 1 minute when we used our battery-operated pump. It has a one-way valve which allows you to top the air up by mouth without the risk of deflating the mattress, as well as a large 'whoosh' valve allowing the bed to deflate rapidly when needed.


I have been very impressed with this air mattress. I used it for five nights a week for five weeks and only on the last night did it deflate. I am using it in an old caravan on a farm and I and three dogs sleep on it regularly with the occasional cat, chicken and lamb! I have purchased other air mattresses and they have failed after a day so I have been very pleased with this one. I have just ordered another to get me through the final days of lambing.


We found this bed to be much more comfortable than our previous air bed, it did appear to have gone down a little after the first use, however I do think that may have been due to the new materials stretching a little, it is important to press the first air plug well in before inflating otherwise it will leak and getting it out again is a little trcky, however overall we are very satisfied with this bed.


I have had various friends sleep on the airbed when they came over and had no complains so far.Obviously after continuous use for 3 days or so the air-mattress needs to be filled up a bit more which is normal.So far I would recommend it as we have not received any complaints and the comfort is definitely there.Only thing is a very large person would not be able to sleep on it and it's a bit short.


Just as described,fast delivery.good quality,easy to pump up,granddaughter moaned that it was bumpy when she got in,but she fell straight to sleep and her 3 yr old brother who was topped and tailed slept fine,they both slept thru the night and woke nanny up using it as a trampoline the next morning.great fun at 6am!! .def use it every time they stay but I won't use the bumpy side next time.


I am satisfied with the quality of the air bed.It`s really big size and 2 men incld . fit for sure.I have used it twice so far for couple of friends who spent the overnight at my placeI had to pump air just once , it did not lose any air .The hardest part is when you need to put it back in the box as it does not fit anymore.. just put it into a bag and that`s it.I recommend it.


This is good for the price. Only reason for 4 stars is that I needed to give it some more air to keep the pressure each night. It takes a little getting used to compared to a mattress but that's no difference from any airbed. Both of us woke up in the morning actually able to move without stiff backs!We got a rechargeable pump as well (see other reviews) which was great with this!


Good quality product at a great price! this mattress was a good size and quite sturdy. The kids had a nice time rolling around on it!. As expected it was a bit difficult to get back into the box when we finished using it! Not the comfiest night's sleep I've ever had - but it certainly beat sleeping on the floor. Recommended for the occasional sleepover/house guest.
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