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I live in Germany so delivery is not always as fast as stated on product descriptions however this item came well within our expected time frame!We bought this product so that our parents have somewhere proper to sleep when they visit however having tested this bed out I think we might give them ours and use this for ourselves! if you are considering a blow up emergency/guest bed then buy this one now! I never thought I would hear my self say "this blow up bed is amazing" but that is exactly what I said.It is nothing like a blowup bed due to the stability of it, no more sending your other half flying when you get in the opposite side, and the fact that it blows itself up! Buy it now even if you don't need one just buy it.
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Really impressed with this Air bed. Unboxed it. Unfolded it. Plugged it in. Tirned the dial to suck air in and boom, it was ready to use in about 5 minutes.It seems really well built & designed. The dial on the side feels really durable. The plug and lead stuffs away inside a neat plastic case. It has detachable netted pockets on the side to store phone & wallet etc.Me and my mate shared it for a whole weekend with no issues at all. We did decide to pump it up (plug it in for like 50 seconds)after the first night but that was no problem.All in all. Really impressed with it. I'd reccomend it to anyone who is looking for a quality, comfortable air bed.
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Bought to make a family camping holiday a little more comfortable and it certainly did that. Easily set up in a few minutes with the built in pump. The flocked surface stops the sheets sliding off and it was a good height to make it much easier to get in and out. Felt very sturdy and was very comfortable and didn't sag in the middle. A pocket on either side was a useful addition. Deflated just as quickly with the pump and was easily stored in the carry bag.A good quality product and I was very pleased with this purchase.
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Paid extra for this bed after exchanging the inferior Trespass bed YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!Worth every penny of the extra £You can feel the quality difference - heavier pvc vinyl with bonded seams. And the top covering akin to a regular mattress, although still need a sheet over it. A standard king size elasticayed sheet fits perfectly. Inflates easily - although it does take every second of the manual reccomnded 5 minutes. Deflates as easily & packs into well designed bag.


We bought this airbed after a sleepless cold night in Wales. Searched for availability online and picked it up without any hassle. It was very comfortable but still firm to sit on. My boyfriend pumped it up with a foot pump it went up quickly but I'm glad I wasn't the one doing the leg work. It was still abit cold since we just had a sheet on the bottom and a summer duvet but next time I'll pack a topper or a spare duvet. All in all good buy, we would have liked a double but was not in stock.


After trying a few inferior airbeds that have only lasted a month I am pleased to find this one. I have a toddler that is a difficult sleeper and cannot sleep without her mummy. Due to my husband having to get up early for work me and my daughter have been sleeping downstairs until she is over her phase so the air bed needs to be comfortable and durable and this is both. It is easily deflated with minimum effort which is great for guests coming and easily inflated again. Couldn't be happier.


We have used this bed only a few times but I'm very impressed. The pump is integrated (so you can't lose it and the cable tidies away) and blows up the bed relatively quickly. Once inflated, the bed is pretty comfy! I'm quite fussy due to my back but slept fine on this bed, it's roomy and supportive at the edges so you don't feel like you'll fall off, and as it's quite high off the floor you don't feel like you're sleeping on a blow-up mattress. The pump deflates the bed too so very happy!


Our old faithful camping mattress finally went flat one last time, so after reading the other reviews we went for this one. And we haven't regretted it one bit. The bed is extremely comfortable to sleep on, plus with the built in pump, it's a doddle to inflate. It stays pumped up for more than two days, which is amazing for this sort of bed. Deflating is so simple, just plug in and turn the pump switch to the downward position and every bit of air is sucked out. first class bed.


I bought this air bed as my sister was coming for a visit and moving into a new home I haven’t got round to sorting out much furniture yet. She has slept on it twice and she says it’s comfy but prefers it less inflated.+Easy to inflateRaised off ground means greater height and stabilityCord can easily be packaged awayComes with storage bag and easily to deflate_Cold without a topper fleece blanketBulkyExpensive The locking mechanism needs to be clearer


Purchased the bed as we had friends coming to visit. Ordered it late on a Sunday night and Monday morning at 7:15am it was being delivered, Amazing!!! We slept on the bed and gave our guests our bed, and we were so happy to find out it was extremely comfortable and didn't deflate at all . We slept on it for three nights (deflating it each morning) and were very happy with the bed and we slept great. The bed folds back up very easily and fits back into the carry bag easily.
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