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This is a fairly decent bed. I bought this bed to take camping with me to Glastonbury, however this was a mistake. It was my fault but I didnt realise that it was mains only and the pump can't be powered by battery. So, after getting in and lugging (this brute is NOT light!) it across site, we decided to leave the bed till later on. Come 1am and quite drunk/tired, we get back to the campsite and it's time to finally inflate the bed- cue my realisation. Now my girlfriend is tired and shivering, she just wants to sleep, yet I'm determined to pump this bed up somehow, so twist the knob to 'turn it on' and start inflating it orally. This was also a mistake (quite a few were made that day).Ive blown up many an airbed by mouth before but underestimated the enormity of this task. After 25 minutes and nearly 5 faintings - I smoke - I realised I was approximately 6% of the way to my proverbial summit.It was only at this point I noticed in the dark of my tent that there was a rubber pull out nozzle that can be attached to external pumps, and it just so happened that James had just arrived at camp with, would you believe it, an electric pump!! Now to demonstrate the size of this bed, even with an electric pump, it takes no more than 2mins to inflate a normal bed. This one took about 8 minutes (maybe James' pump was a bit limp, but still).Once the bed was inflated, it didn't fit in my "3-man" tent space either- we had to wedge it in with the bottom 2 feet hanging out into our porch area. In fact it was so wedged in our entire tent was bowed to one side. I have only given it 4 stars because it did go down quite a bit even on the first night. But nevertheless the bed was comfortable, it did the job and we managed to have the best Glastonbury ever!!! Just dont make the same mistake I did and keep it in the house- this is not for camping
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Took my time deciding which airbed to pick as there are a lot to choose from but i'm very glad i settled on this one. I needed an airbed for myself and the other half to sleep on while visiting relatives for a couple of weeks. I wanted something big, comfy and well made and this fits the bill perfectly. It's almost as high off the ground as a normal bed, it's very comfy and in the two weeks that we were using it it only needed topping up with air a few times. The pump works well also, it fills it's massive volume up in minutes and and put plenty of pressure in to make the bed fairly firm. The pump also reverses to remove air when packing away which adds to the convenience of it. Overall I'm very impressed,it's incredibly easy to set up and put away, very comfy and holds all its air very well. Something useful to add, you need a European to uk plug adapter if you're using it in the uk.
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Love every inch of this air bed, it is extremely comfortable, air stays in for a long time however, as all the air beds, it does deflate so needs topping up every now and then. It is so handy to have an built in pump as no needs to worry about remembering to have pump with you when away. The only note worth mentioning is that it has the European electric cable so you will need the adaptor to ensure the plug fits in the socket. But it's not a big issue.I use it at the moment as a temporary bed, sleeps 2 adults and a child and we don't complain, good night sleep, doesnt really need any extra sheets however we put mattress topper for a child comfort.raised head rest is a good thing too as no need for pillows:)
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This is an impressive airbed, I have to say. A friend of mine slept on this and he said it's better than his own actual bed at home. I have also tested it myself, and it really does feel like an actual bed with a nice mattress. The pump comes built into the bed and not only inflates but also deflates which is really handy.My only issue was that it's sold with an EU plug and it's mentioned nowhere. Luckily I had an adaptor at home, but this could have turned into a disaster had I not had one. If a product is sold with EU plug in the UK and Ireland, I believe it's legally required to be stated in the product description.


I have been using my bed for a few weeks now, it does deflate slightly through the night but not so much that it’s uncomfortable or wakes me up! I use it daily and only I sleep on it.. did share my bed once and every movement of the other person made the bed move and had no sleep what so ever... but a comfortable nights sleep having the queen size to myself!Easy to inflate and deflate with the the turn of a button and folds away nicely into a little carry bag that comes with the bed


Good quality airbed, and the pump is super convenient as you can't possibly lose it due to the fact that it's built in! I immediately changed the plug head to an edison plug though as it had a european plug. Not the end of the world, but just good to know in advance. The bed itself is large enough for a couple and the material isn't uncomfortable to lay on. It folds down into a small bag but is fairly heavy to carry around. For the price i'd definitely recommend it.


Bought for my grandkids when they stay over. So far so good this is our second night. Fills up real quick and empties real quick. Fast and easy to set up the kids love it. My grandkids are 9 and 10 they love it so much that they asked me at 13:30pm if we could out it up of course the answer was know. Love the product hope it lasts a few years. If it douse then i would be glad to buy a new one. Love that you can keep the plug neatly in its holder on the bed.


Purchased in 2019 but not needed until recently, this mattress is very comfortable. The pump easily inflates it in a couple of minutes, although it is a little noisy! If using in the summer I would put a thicker mattress topper on it as I think I would get quite hot, but this is a common problem with inflatable mattresses. I am considering purchasing the single version, as it will be more convenient in some circumstances.


Used this for a few weeks before our mattress arrived. Good quality and easy to inflate,just plug it on the wall for inflation. Only thing we found that you had to add a bit of air each night as the bed stretches when in use. Also was not keen on the 'built in pillow' as it was too high for me so ended up sleeping below the pillow part but otherwise ok and would use this with visitors in the future.


We liked it really, very spacious and easily fits two people. It has lovely coating on the top so you do not slide. We have bought it at the end of December and have used it 4-5 times now ourselves for an overnight stay and the bed was absolutely fine by the mornings. It was just slightly less tight than after inflating so there was no need to pump it up during the night time. Hope this helps:)


You know the time you receivea package all nicely vacuum packed and no matter how hard you try after use its impossible to rebox ? NOT wth this airbed - It takes approx 4 minutes to inflate fully and thanks to the pump deflation setting its easy to pack up - fold and rebox - the bed is a good size and hight and is pretty sturdy. I have 2 of these now and they are oerfect for when guests stay.


Excellent piece of kit. Quite warm to sleep on though. You might need an extension lead as the power cord is quite short. But it had to be short to fit into the small compartment set aside for it. You can use the built in pump to drain the air from the airbed.The carry bag to put the airbed in seems to be a bit too small.The bed will do the job to accommodate visitors.


Wow...this bed is very comfortable and very very easy to use...just push a button and it's ready in 5 minutes..and you can even deflate it in minutes. I bought 2 of them and both were very good quality and easy to use for my family who came to visit us. I slept 4 night on one of them and i slept like in my own 300£ matress.


Excellent used it for all of our motorbike rallies we went on, only good if ur taking a car or ur on the bike on ur own with just ur gear ??Very comfortable and lasts from Fri and take dwn Sun, any long and it may need a pump up.Loads easier on the knees as ur so much higher than a single mattress or even the floor ??


We haven’t used it yet, but have tried it out to check it was ok when we received it and so far I am really pleased. Great value for money. Was delievered really quickly and is really easy to use. Exactly what we wanted. Very pleased so far. Going to use on our camping trip in the May school hols ???
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