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Instructions aren't that clear but it isn't rocket science blowing up an air bed. Screw the plug they provide to deflate the mattresses into the hole. Which hole? The one you can screw it into. Then, as the instructions say, put your foot on the pumpy up bit, not the hole you previously filled up, and pump. I was surprised how quickly the mattresses pumped up, and to a reasonable pressure.The mattress itself forms rigidity by having bumps in it and they are quite deep, so to make it better you need a duvet to sleep on as all as under. And for a double is a bit of a squeeze. But it's a cheap air bed fine for occasional use by visiting friends at a good price.


Airbeds and camping what can I say? Airbeds aren't my preferred choice of bed when camping but if you have the kids with you then an airbed can be the easiest option.Over the years I've owned a few airbeds and they are a bit like £30 DVD players, they just give up and become more landfill. It's a question the continues baffle scientists, where exactly does the air leak from an airbed with no obvious holes. Why is it always flat at approx 3-4 am, we may never know or even care.This airbed may end up the same but for now, it hasn't gone down on me yet ;-)


So far, no deflation beyond what you would normally get over the course of a few nights. I find it really comfortable although I think my partner fees it is a bit too firm, so worth letting a bit of air out to account for when there is weight on it.Inflation is easy, I’ve found so many reviews saying it doesn’t have a pump or it doesn’t work... No issues here, so I don’t know what they’re talking about. A small screw cap at the end of the bed allows you to use your foot and it pumps up in a minute or so.Overall very impressed for the price.


Great value product. Bought for an adult friend staying over at short notice. Bed is easy to pump up by hand or foot (you seal the opening on the top of the bed with your skin - palm or sole of foot - and pump to fill the bed with air). Took about ten minutes to find and stayed well pumped overnight. Guest was happy and said it was comfortable. Easy to deflate. Instructions are clear.


I was very very happy to found out how easy it is to inflate! Took me like 5 easy minutes. I was expecting much worse!It was very stable and stayed well inflated all night long even though I am not a skinny person.I slept quite well for 5 nights camping with friends and used it as well when had visitors for sleepoverValue for money for sure, I recommend with no second thoughts.


I bought this as an intermediate replacement for my mattress (the dog killed it), however it's so snuggly and relaxing I am not going to bother getting a 'proper' mattress!The built in pump is okay, works fine, but realistically you can't use your foot on it, you have to use your hand, or it takes forever.Of course you could just use your own pump...


We all need some were comfortable to sleep when you give your bed up for guests,this air bed is ideal for just that occasion,easy to inflate with foot pump and had the added bonus of a pump in the bed itself. Very comfortable not much roll together which is always nice. Give it a go I don't think you will be disappointed....


I was going to buy another sun lounger but they don't seem to last that long before the legs break.Saw this and gave it a try. Really quick and easy to inflate and the end result was really comfortable and much better than any cheap sun lounger I have bought in the past.Really recommend this for comfort and ease of use.


Only used this once so far, and it stayed inflated all night. Its easy to pump up. I did pump it up once before I needed to use it to make sure it inflated. Which i genuinely think helped with the latter inflation's as the first inflation wasn't as quick or easy. Would recommend, hopefully it lasts well.


Bought this single mattress for an upcoming camping trip which didnt go ahead. Instead, I have been using it as a sun lounger - to great effect! Takes a while (10 mins) to pump but holds onto the air well. Cant fault it, just make sure the other valve is closed securely before pumping!


Quite a workout to inflate it with the integrated pump, decided to use an electric one I had around the house. Included pillow provides some neck support, but if you'd rather sleep without a pillow, sleep on the pump side. They also include a patch should you puncture it somehow.


Very good inflatable bed. Takes about 10 minutes solid pumping to fully inflate, however maintains a good level of inflation throughout the night. Ideal for camping or if you have friends staying over.Quite comfortable for an inflatable bed also.Recommended product, thank you


Purchased a double. It inflated quickly and felt sturdy when inflated. We had a good nights sleep and didn’t have to wake up to re-inflate it half the way through the night which is always great news! The inbuilt pillow also allows you to pack lighter. Overall a great product.


Good sturdy blow up beds self inflatable but this doesn’t work well so ended up using an electric pump to inflate this worked well.All in all it did what was needed and stayed blown up through the night so all good.AlsoHas a pillow shape on top so was a bit of a bonus.


Really amazing quality and fantastic price. It’s really light and comfortable to carry for camping. It does deflate a tiny bit but nothing massive, so once you’ve woken up just pump it up again to sit in or pump up again the next night.
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