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As mentioned by other reviewers - the taste is so unpleasant it's almost beyond description - the best way of masking it I've found so far is to mix it with something extremely sweet like Apple&Elderflower Juice. I suppose the manufacturers don't add any sugar or sweeteners to the recipe in order to maximise it's healthy credentials as a super-food?I've tried this one (the elite extra concentrate one) and the normal shot and they both taste as bad as each other so I think 'may as well get the elite one'.Does it work? I take it before every (running) race, anything from 5k to Marathons and I've always felt strong with it. Of course, as I never race without it it's hard for me to accurately gauge whether it's helping or not.It does SEEM to help me maintain certain paces a little more efficiently, i'm willing to believe the slight % benefits claimed by the scientists. So I keep using it.Usage - personally I find that if I drink it too close to the start of a race (less than 90 minutes) I can end up vomiting at the finish line - which - considering the body's reaction to its taste - doesn't come as a huge surprise. So, I now have it about 3 hours beforehand- and so far, so good.
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Per bottle:70ml of concentrated Beetroot juice (98%) & Lemon juice (2%) - just to take the 'rooty' edge off it.2.6g of Protein,15g Carbohydrates (of which sugars: 9.3g),Total Fat 0.2g (of which saturates <0.1g),Fibre <0.5g,Sodium <0.1g,and most importantly, (why you would drink this!) Dietary Nitrate at 0.4g.The Dietary Nitrate content of 0.4g is 0.1g higher than the regular Beet IT hence the difference in price, the effects of nitrate in the blood are still being fully investigated, but it is thought to soften arterial walls, allowing them to expand more and increasing blood flow. This translates into better performance in whichever sport you choose.Enough with the sales-pitch; honestly,I tried this on a recommendation from a friend and whether it is the placebo effect or some sort of psychosomatic effect, but I train harder on days where I have had one of these (at least an hour before exertion), I run for longer and I lift more - exactly what I want and it's one of my five-a-day. Highly recommended!
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It's always hard (or impossible) to determine where a gain of 1-2% may have come from. Better sleep, training, tapering, diet, or obviously a combination of all of these and more.What I like about this product is that the performance increase has been measured in clinical trials, which is good enough for me. I'm a semi-competitive, amateur runner, and subjectively, I do feel the Beet It shots make a difference. I've tried them over 5k, which I race very regularly, and 10k and feel like I definitely run stronger and faster with them.The taste isn't too terrible, but definitely make sure they're cold - it's way worse when they're warm!


I’ve been following a paleo/very low carb plan for some time now which has done wonders for weight loss but left me with little energy for the gym. Having read about benefits of beetroot in training recently, I thought I’d try these and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Taking approx. 2 hours before a gym session, stamina on cardio training was increased by at least 50% compared to the previous week. Yes they do taste vile and (brace yourself), they make your poo bright red as well, but in my limited experiments so far they really have been effective for me.


Iv looked all over for a product to stop me from getting the cramps when im out on a hard days mountain biking, Saw this stuff on amazon read some reveiws and decided too try it and boy does it work, well for me it does been out on four hard rides now and no sign of cramp during and after the ride so im well pleased with thats why im ordering some more, if you get cramps when biking go on try it just a word though it tastes foul just knock it back an hour or so before your ride and away you go.


It IS a strange concept to drink beetroot, and that does take some mental preparation. It isn't the nicest flavour in the world, but I wasn't drinking this for the taste, I was using this to increase nitrates and oxygen supply.I've tried training with and without, and I do think there is some beneficial effect, but as my training sessions vary from week to week it's difficult to quantify. I will be buying again.


I usually take two of these two hours before a race. Which I have read is equivalent to 600ml of normal beetroot juice. It doesn't taste great but I do feel a benefit when I run. I set a 10k PB this year after taking the shots. Not sure if it's a placebo effect but if I keep getting PBs I'm fine with that!Just be careful of the red moustache!


I bought these on the recommendation of a fellow runner and was little dubious at first! I usually have one in the morning of a race for extra oomph and I've not been disappointed ..... yet. I will say it is an acquired taste but not that you can't drink it. Would definitely recommend using.


I regularly do 70 to 80 mile cycle rides and I definitely think that this makes difference particularly towards the end of the ride. Doesn't taste too good (a bit sweet ) but at least there's not much to consume in this concentrated form.


I've read this is very helpful when training. Small concentrated juice so does not need much storage space. There is no way to tell if it does help but I feel good and others that have used it swear by it.


Natural beetroot taste nicer but it does the job if your preparing for a competition and follow the guidance.Used for traveling situations in-case I cannot make my own from scratch.


Brilliant shots - take one hour before event to provide a great boost. Breathing is much easier.Usually mix this with water - still or sparkling as tastes a bit concentrate.


It's not something I would drink every day but just as a boost before fitnessIt won't work wonders and ithe probably works on a placebo (just a not very nice tasting one)


I’ll be totally honest it tastes pretty rough. But it is amazing for energy, blood pressure and mood boosting. Super natural and best served ice cold and drank FAST


I feel that this product when taken 2 hours before strenuous exercise allows me to sustain max effort for longer.
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