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This machine was purchased recently as a replacement for our AEG integrated washing machine which died during CoVid-19 Lockdown after 23 years of quiet, faithful service. The new machine was bought on line and was delivered with lightning speed and efficiency by Discount Electricals who, for a very small fee and my delight, removed the old machine. Installing the new machine during Lockdown fell to my husband and myself of course. Firstly, when I ordered it I didn’t realise it was cold fill only so I realised the wash programme times would be longer than I was used to. No matter, we pressed on with it. If you are going to plumb the machine in yourself that's not too difficult when there are pipes and waste already in place.We tested the machine worked before fully integrating it. We then plumbed it in and went to fit the kitchen unit door on to the front. However, you need to know that when you come to fit the kitchen unit door there is an undocumented problem with this procedure. You will see that there is one screw holding each white plastic hinge plate already on the machine. See photos. This plate is designed to accommodate a slight adjustment so that the door hinge fits onto the plate at the correct height. AT THAT PONT DO NOT REMOVE THE ONLY SCREW HOLDING EACH PLASTC PLATE ON TO THE MACHINE. PUT A SECOND SCREW INTO THE PLATE BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY NECESSARY ADJUSTMENTS. That is because the internal METAL backing plate will fall inside the washing machine casing and cannot be removed. We contacted the supplier who was very helpful and told us that he too had had that problem. He suggested that we remove the machine, remove the back, tip the machine so we could get into the front area to get the plate back. Well, from past experience, once a machine has done a test wash (which he had not done when he had had lost the backing plate), any tipping up would cause water to get into the electrics. So, to help us the supplier arranged for a next day delivery of a complete door fitting kit. I used a thin wire, fed though a screw hole in the backing plate to prevent it from falling inside the machine After lots of trial and error, I was able to feed the plate into the small opening holding on to the backing plate whilst my husband managed to screw on the front plate with one screw. Thereafter, as long as a dummy screw was in place in the hole we didn’t need, we could get the door to fit. Not a problem if you know That YOU MUST ENSURE THAT AT LEAST ONE SCREW IS SECURING THE BACKING PLATE. In our opinion, that is not a good design feature. We have notified AEG who said they would pass on our comments to the appropriate department.
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